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Setting an Intention

Intention – synonym: purpose - what one intends to do or bring about, a determination.

Setting an intention will help you move past limiting beliefs! (listen here)

How do I set an intention?

You can think of setting an intention as planting a seed. You plant it, water it occasionally and watch it grow.

Setting an intention is actually quite simple and powerful!

When working with clients, I help them set intentions that fit their needs and desires. From improving health or lifestyle changes to improving family or work situations, even increasing clients, or moving into a new line of work!

So, you want to know if you have to set an intention for Reiki to work. Nope! You certainly do not. Setting an intention is not necessary for Reiki! In fact, I recommend your first Reiki session be without any specific intention. Let yourself get used to what you are about to experience and start intention setting from session two! While intention setting is a powerful tool, it is important to note that it is not required for Reiki to work. Setting an intention is another tool in our wellbeing toolbox and it is a great complement to any wellbeing modality!

Why set an intention during a Reiki session?

Setting an intention requires you to be clear on why you are seeking Reiki. It requires you to understand exactly what you want out of your healing and the direction you wish to take with your Reiki Practitioner.

Not everyone immediately knows what intention they want to set. Your Reiki Practitioner can, and will, help you consider what intention(s) are best suited to you and help you amend this over time because they will change!

Even clients who initially find setting intentions to be an overwhelming process end up naturally developing and adapting them to align with their needs and desires!

Once you learn how to set your intention(s) for Reiki sessions you can (and should) consider practicing daily intention setting by writing in an intention journal or diary. I get a lot of enjoyment out of selecting my diary at the beginning of each year. I chose something that I love to hold and look at. Along with my appointments and 'to do' lists, I write out my daily or weekly intentions!

Please note that reciting or repeatedly chanting your intentions is not necessary and certainly not recommended! Once you have set your intention for the session or for the day, let it go! Do not dwell on or become obsessed with your intentions. Plant those seeds, water them occasionally and let them grow.

I'd love to know, what intentions have you set for this month? Don't miss my other post 'What to expect during a Reiki Treatment'

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