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What to expect during Reiki Treatment

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing technique which promotes the body's natural ability to heal itself.

It is frequently confused as a type of massage or acupuncture, yet it is neither!

What to expect during Reiki Treatment

Most people don't know what to expect during Reiki treatment on their first time. In case you may be too shy to ask, I'm here to explain all the details.

During a Reiki treatment you will lay on a Reiki table and have the option of a blanket and pillows. I find it it most comfortable to have a pillow placed under my head and knees with a soft, light (hot days), or heavy (cold days) blanket. This is personal preference! If you feel more comfortable in a sitting position, you may also receive your treatment on our comfy Reiki chair.

What to wear for Reiki?

You remain completely clothed. (Although another personal preference of mine is to not wear socks!)

Your Reiki practitioner will place his/her hands on or near you. Both are common and please discuss with your practitioner if you are not comfortable with being touched. The majority of practitioners will (should!) ask prior to the session if you he/she can now touch you. Where a practitioner places the hands is outlined in Reiki Training and should never make you feel uncomfortable.

How do I feel Reiki Energy

The positive Reiki energy flows through the touch or near touch of the practitioner's hands and adapts to the needs of the client. What's superb is that this positive energy flows where YOU need it! A truly individualized practice.

Reiki energy promotes relaxation. When your body and mind are permitted to relax amazing things happen. Your body's natural ability to heal is accelerated and an energetic balance (your body's natural balance) occurs in your body, mind and spirit. Who doesn't want that!

The factor of individual experience

Everybody experiences Reiki differently. If it's your first session the key is not to 'look' for sensations or to have specific expectations. Try to relax and enjoy the flow of the positive Reiki energy. Certainly, acknowledge any sensations that do arise and accept that you may find it hard to completely relax, your mind may (likely will) wander and anxious feelings, sadness or deep thoughts may arise. Then again, they may not. If your mind wanders, bring it back. It is OK if that happens. It is normal and your practitioner will discuss ways to address your thoughts during your session.

Your practitioner will be well adapted to help you through the session, even if you fall into fits of giggles, shed a few tears or have any other feelings. The possibility to not notice anything remarkable is also there. I can't say it enough, everyone will experience something different, no two of us are alike, after all! You may even fall asleep!

This is where we must trust the process.

What to expect during Reiki treatment

If you fall asleep in your first (or any!) session, that's OK too!

You may find this new experience too exciting, too new, (too anything!) and as a result you may be alert and aware of everything your practitioner, body and mind does for this session. Dare I say it again? That's OK! You will build trust in all of these.

Your practitioner will discuss these thoughts, sensations and emotions with you. We love hearing about your experience and appreciate you sharing it with us!

Just as everyone will have a different experience, not every session you have will be the same either. Each time, the flow of energy will adapt to what your body needs that day. If you and your practitioner are working through something specific together your experience will change session to session as you move through the healing process.

What is Reiki good for?

Reiki can, and will, have a variety of positive effects on your body, mind and spirit. Therefore, it has a positive effect on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

Want to read more?

See what Robert Graham, MD, a Harvard-trained, board-certified doctor of integrative medicine has to say on Women's Health Magazine website. Article written by Annie Daly.

...according to Dr. Graham, Reiki falls under the game-on umbrella. “From a safety point of view, Reiki hasn’t been shown to have any harmful effects,” he explains. “And I do believe that there is an untapped mechanism behind energy that supports your own body’s healing abilities that we don’t understand just yet—so it’s certainly worth a trial if you’re in pain.”" Daly, Annie. "What Is Reiki—And When Do You Need It?

Don't forget to check back for my next post:

'The Effects of Reiki on your MIND' If you are in Newfoundland and would like an in-person Reiki Session, please visit trusted Reiki Master (& my mama!) Jean Squires.

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