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Reiki and Physical Health: The Effects of Reiki on your BODY

What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki and physical health - Body, Mind & Ki

Before starting, let's briefly review the concept of Reiki for those who are not familiar.

Reiki meaning

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy therapy. It promotes overall wellness.

Rei - meaning universal

Ki - meaning life energy

For more detailed information on Reiki see my other blog post: What is Reiki?

Back to this topic's question:

Is there a relation between Reiki and Physical Health? What are the benefits of Reiki for your body?

What is Reiki good for?

Reiki supports natural healing and is a complementary therapy to Western medical practices.

While Reiki has many amazing benefits, it should not replace modern medical practices.

It does work as a wonderful complement to modern medicine and with regular practice it can drastically reduce stress and other triggers to chronic illness.

It is a great addition to a holistic health and wellness routine! Reiki and physical health have a close relation and the effects of regular Reiki treatments on your Body are noticeable.

Reiki, the universal life energy, does not run out! This energy flows through your body and it is unlimited! It doesn't run out, but it does let you know when you have had enough.

But if it doesn't run out, why would it stop flowing?

Well, it doesn't really STOP.

Let me clarify, Reiki continues to flow through the practitioner, to the receiver of Reiki, but it will stay at one point on the body because of a blockage. A blockage can be a result of physical or emotional or mental pain. These blockages are individual to the client. The Reiki energy will focus on this point (blockage) and continue through the body once the blockage is clear.

Energy therapy, or Reiki, will guide itself to these blockages. The practitioner doesn't even have to know about it prior to the session! The Reiki will flow where it is needed. Often, a Reiki practitioner can focus the Reiki energy on the site of injury once a blockage is sensed. A Reiki practitioner can hold this place until the blockage is reduced or cleared. Practitioners can report a variety of sensations signaling this release.

In my case, my hands heat up when Reiki energy is passed, and this feeling dissipates as the blockage clears. The client can also feel a variety of sensations and may report a feeling of relief when the blockage is clear or lessened.

This Reiki healing session can result in benefits which vary from person to person, depending on their individual needs.

Reiki and physical health

The benefits of Reiki include:

  1. pain reduction

  2. decrease in blood pressure

  3. promote growth

  4. stimulate healing

  5. improve quality of life in cancer patients. A clinic in Western Australia has a Reiki clinic for patients receiving treatment for cancer.

  6. decrease symptoms disease

  7. stress reduction (affects body & mind)

I would love to hear how Reiki has changed your life for the better!

Feel free to comment or send me a message, I love to hear Reiki stories.

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