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Case Study In Person Stream (FULL COURSE - weekly sessions)


8 weeks - Starting Jan 8 2024

Are you curious about the energy within you? I am thrilled to invite expressions of interest from individuals who are keen to participate in a transformative case study that explores the realms of Chakra health, Reiki, and Chakra balancing techniques.

About the Case Study 

In this enlightening journey, we will embark on an exploration of chakra health and its maintenance through the ancient art of Reiki and various balancing techniques. Chakras, the energy centers within our body, play a vital role in our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Through this case study, we aim to understand the profound effects of Reiki and other balancing practices on chakra alignment, energy flow, and overall well-being.

What Participants Can Expect

 Personalized Chakra Assessment: Understand the current state of your Chakras through a personalized assessment.

 Reiki Healing Sessions: Experience the healing touch of Reiki, a gentle yet powerful energy healing technique that aids in Chakra balancing and energy alignment.

 Chakra Balancing Activities: Participate in activities focusing on Chakra balancing techniques, meditation, and mindfulness practices.

 Transformation and Self-Discovery: Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth.

Who Should Apply 

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds who have a genuine interest in exploring the world of Chakras, energy healing, and self-discovery. No prior experience in Reiki or Chakra balancing is necessary; an open mind and willingness to learn are your most valuable assets.

How to Apply

If you are enthusiastic about delving into the world of Chakras, I invite you to express your interest by entering your email address  and names below. I will be in touch shortly. 

Important Details

Location: Online & In-person attendance is available

Duration:  There are 4 intake streams. All are 8 week commitments with differing treatment frequency.

Stream 1. Distance participation only. Reiki sessions weekly. 

Stream 1a. Distance participation only. Reiki sessions fortnightly.

Stream 2. In person participation only. Reiki sessions weekly.

Stream 2a. In person participation only. Reiki sessions fortnightly. 

Participants: Limited spots available, ensuring personalized attention and guidance.

Investment: Service fees are heavily discounted.

Application Deadline: 17 Dec

Join in this illuminating journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual awakening. Together, let's explore the profound impact of Chakra health and the magic of Reiki.

Your path to holistic well-being awaits!

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