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Episode 9 | Unlocking the Mind's Potential: A Journey into Holistic Healing with Expert Hypnotherapist Carol Macrae

From managing stress and overcoming fears to enhancing self-confidence and breaking through barriers, Carol Macrae shares her profound insights and experiences, shedding light on how hypnotherapy can pave the way to a healthier, more empowered life.

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Podcast Transcript

Episode 9: Unlocking the Mind's Potential: A Journey into Holistic Healing with Expert Hypnotherapist Carol Macrae

Hypnotherapy with Carol Macrae

[00:00:41] Amy Squires: Hello everyone and welcome back to the Holistic Health Show. I'm really excited to let you know today that we have Carol McRae on as a guest. Welcome Carol.

[00:00:52] Carol Macrae: Hi, how are you Amy?

[00:00:53] Amy Squires: I'm good, it's really good to see you again.

[00:00:56] Carol Macrae: Definitely.

[00:00:57] Amy Squires: Carol and I work together with Reiki [00:01:00] Australia and Carol is still the deputy chair.

[00:01:01] So, we're an old hand at getting online and , chatting together. So, it's really exciting. It's been a while. So, I'm really pleased to have you back.

[00:01:10] Carol Macrae: Excellent.

[00:01:11] Amy Squires: Now, Carol is a clinical five path hypnotist, a Reiki master practitioner and teacher. , Carol, I believe you're also a practitioner of other forms of energy healing.

[00:01:24] Carol Macrae: Yep. Definitely. Yeah. Yep.

[00:01:25] Amy Squires: And you were a registered nurse before moving into the holistic health side of things.

[00:01:31] Carol Macrae: And also been in fitness centers for over 20 years as well.

[00:01:36] Amy Squires: Yeah . You will see me kind of looking down, I think, but I'm looking at you as I'm talking to you. Now, Carol, you're a two time breast cancer survivor. , I have that right?

[00:01:48] Carol Macrae: Yes, that's right.

[00:01:50] Amy Squires: My understanding is you've done a lot of work on yourself to, you know, get through that and you're now cancer free.

[00:01:58] Carol Macrae: Yeah, definitely. [00:02:00] I had the first lot of breast cancer in 2005. Then two years later, or three years later, I got bone cancer and I healed that myself with Reiki self hypnosis, meditation, visualization, vitamins, diet, that sort of stuff, even though oncology said it can't be done. So I know the power of working with the mind and the body together.

[00:02:20] And then I did get breast cancer again, in 2014, and I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction using stomach fat to make new breasts. They cut from one side to the other.

[00:02:31] So it was like a tummy tuck sort of thing. They took sort of this much skin and everything to make the breasts and the muscle and, and blood supply. And the only painkillers I had was panadol.

[00:02:43] Amy Squires: Wow. Wow. So there must have been a lot of, of Reiki and things involved though, I'm sure if you were on Panadol.

[00:02:50] Carol Macrae: Definitely. Yeah. They came and said, we've got to give you morphine. I said, Oh, I think I'm on top of it, thanks.

[00:02:55] Amy Squires: Oh, wow. How did they react to that?

[00:02:58] Carol Macrae: They said, oh, you [00:03:00] can't be serious. You've just had this. It's a huge op, you've been cut from one side to another. And I said, look, on a scale of zero to ten, it's a three if I move and a one if I don't.

[00:03:07] I'm prepared to stay still for the night. And I've just been doing some self hypnosis and meditation and Reiki and I'll be fine. So yeah.

[00:03:18] Amy Squires: Wow.

[00:03:18] When I have someone on, I've started taking notes because some of these modalities are really new to me and I want to go back and review. So if you don't mind, I will take some notes.

[00:03:27] The topic today is hypnotherapy. I guess, you know, it's, like I said, it's really new to me. It's not something I've ever even tried. So what can you tell us, you know, what is it? Start there.

[00:03:40] Carol Macrae: So hypnotherapy is absolutely amazing. I was doing Reiki first , and my dad died of bowel cancer, so that kind of got me onto the healing path and then I started to see the connection between the mind and the body and it just kept coming up for me.

[00:03:56] And then, I ended up, when I was running the RSL Health and [00:04:00] Fitness Center for nine and a half years, after my husband and I had done it together and we had another gym after that. But I ended up with Chondromalacia patella, Iliotibial Band syndrome, inflammatory pads and patella tendonitis in my knees.

[00:04:13] Amy Squires: That's a mouthful.

[00:04:14] Carol Macrae: It was., and I'm an old nurse, so it kind of rolled off. I was at a bookshop and a Reiki book fell out of the shelf and I read the back and I thought, this is what I read about in the Esteem Prophecy book I read five years ago. And I've. By the book and I read it from cover to cover and two weeks later I went to Byron Bay and did Reiki level one.

[00:04:33] The master said, Carol, you need to stay everybody else you can go. And incidentally, I walked in and I said, I'm Carol. I'm from Dubbo. This lady said, my name's Sue and I'm from Byron. My mother was born in Dubbo. And the man said, my name's Mark and I'm from Sydney. And my mother was born in Dubbo too. So, and there was another lady there too.

[00:04:51] So it was just lots of synchronicities. I did the training. I did, I walked on the beach on the Wednesday, I went back on Thursday, Friday, did level, [00:05:00] two and then, I flew home, my knees were still swollen, but I put my hands on my knees for 20 minutes, I went to bed, the next day when I got up, the swelling and pain was gone after three years of swollen knees. And I knew there was something mystical. I couldn't understand it. I kept thinking it'll work for everybody else. It won't work for me, but I remember going, Oh my God, this is real. So that kind of put me right back on the healing path. And then when my dad died. And I was looking at the mind body connection too. I left the RSL Health and Fitness Center. I got, basically I got thrown out because I blew the whistle on someone dipping into the till who was drinking buddies with the new secretary manager. 18 months later, I was able to look at that and see it as a blessing because I was now on my path.

[00:05:43] And so with the hypnosis, I I did so much study and I was getting really tired because I was, we had the fitness center, but I was also doing reiki treatments and I was having lots of people coming in with cancers and sometimes one session and their cancer would [00:06:00] disappear. One particular lady, had cervical cancer. They said it was so bad she had to have a total hysterectomy in two weeks. She was 24 years of age. She'd never have children, they told her. Two weeks later she rang me and she, she said, it's gone. They can't find it. And even while I was doing the treatment, when I had my hand over her, her lower, stomach, she said, it feels like my uterus is on fire.

[00:06:24] Amy Squires: So was this a Reiki treatment? Yeah.

[00:06:28] Carol Macrae: And so I, I just had lots of people with cancers that were just getting healed. One woman with, she had non Hodgkin's lymphoma, a football sized mess in her stomach. And and what I did was I just, she was one of my yoga students because I taught yoga and Tai Chi for 10 years as well.

[00:06:46] Amy Squires: Wow.

[00:06:46] Carol Macrae: And I rang her and said, I just heard what happened to you and why you haven't been in my classes for the last month. I'm coming to your house tomorrow and I'm going to do Reiki treatment on you every week and we're going to. Get to the bottom of this, we're going to get rid of an antibody.

[00:06:59] [00:07:00] And she said, well, the doctors don't think it's going to be that easy. And I said, well, that's their opinion, but we don't have to agree with it. So on that first session, even though I hadn't done, hypnosis training yet. I already got to the bottom that she was molested when she was three. So there's always a root cause for every illness or disease.

[00:07:18] So I did a treatment on her for three months, before or after the day before or after she had her, chemo. She did not lose her hair. She did not have a day of illness and three months later she was cancer free.

[00:07:31] Amy Squires: Wow.

[00:07:32] Carol Macrae: But I, again, it just brought up that mind body connection. And so, I went and did my training in Sydney and became a clinical hypnotherapist and then I looked into, and it wasn't enough for me, it was just mainly just direct suggestion.

[00:07:46] And I know that that can work, but I also know it wears off after a period of time if you don't really do a good job on it. And if you don't get to the bottom of it. And so then I went and did five path hypnosis. So hypnosis itself is just, A natural [00:08:00] state you're in and out of every day. There's nothing mystical about it.

[00:08:03] It's the state we live in for the first seven years of our life. Because it's the imprint period and it means alpha theta brainwave pattern, but that's an optimum state of suggestibility. And so it means that all of us that have issues in our adult life basically have a seed of that in those first seven years is a general rule.

[00:08:23] And it means if we can get to the cause of it, basically we can get rid of it. And I've just seen that over probably more than 10, 000 clients I've seen over the last 20 years. So with Five Path, it's more of a spiritual type of hypnotherapy. And the first session's really two hours, because I want to get to know that client.

[00:08:42] I want to know, I want to know them inside and out. And they tell me stuff they've never told anybody else. I want to get that rapport so they know who I am, so they trust me, so they know what they see is what they get, and I'm going to do everything I can to get them better. Then, the next session, we're going to, and we'll do direct suggestions, so that's also going to help [00:09:00] them feel better straight away. They always leave feeling so much better.

[00:09:03] Amy Squires: Just so I can get some clarity, in a hypnosis session, you know, cause when, when I think hypnosis, I mean, I realize this is not what it is, but my only experience with it is what I've seen on TV and there's like a tick tock and you know, what you kind of see in the movies.

[00:09:19] So what exactly would someone expect when they're sitting in front of you? And you know what, yeah, I mean, you're not getting them quack like a duck and walk like a chicken kind of thing. You know what, what is,

[00:09:31] Carol Macrae: Those hypnotists on stage do us a real disservice but what you find is if somebody goes to a hypnosis show at, you know, the RSL club or whatever, there might be 200 people in the audience, and they're going to do suggest suggestibility tests with all those people. They'll say, everybody stand up on want you do this. They might pick 20 of those people that are the most suggestible. So the people that follow along really easily, they'll bring them up on stage.

[00:09:58] Then they'll do some more suggestibility tests [00:10:00] and they'll walk around and go, you can sit down. You can sit down. And they're weeding out the people that are not as willing to follow those instructions. And so the other thing is that if you go to a stage show and you get chosen to go up on stage, you know it's a night out with your friends and it's a bit of fun and it's kind of like exciting if you get up there.

[00:10:17] So again, you're much more likely to follow along with those instructions. And so, they will have... Out of 200 people, they might have 10 of the best subjects on the planet sitting on that stage. And then they'll, they will then do some more easy things to put them straight into a state of trance. And if you've got a line of 10 people, one person goes down to the next person and you're up here, you go, Oh my God, that itself is a suggestion.

[00:10:40] I'm not going to be able to be out, out of this and, and not follow instructions but with hypnosis, you can actually be made to do anything you don't particularly want to. It's the state's just ability. But if somebody told you to go and murder your uncle, well, there's no way you're going to do it. So when they're in a chair in a clinical setting, it's a [00:11:00] therapeutic setting.

[00:11:01] They're here because they want to make rapid change. They want to get something other than what they've been living for the last 50 years or whatever. And so all we want to do is guide them into a nice state of focused attention. That's all it is. So if they're following instructions, they'll go into that state and it can be as simple as, would you like to do a little test? I do this on, on mine as well. So bringing your hands out in front and bend those. Now open those fingers and look through at the camera, look at my forehead, and as you focus now, yeah, look at me. Excellent. And what I want to do now is I want you just to imagine, use your powerful imagination now to just simply imagine that there are magnets on each finger and as you focus only on my face, just notice how those magnets start to get stronger and stronger, starting to draw together, pulling together, getting stronger and stronger.

[00:11:54] Now let's put an imaginary thread around those fingers and just pull that thread. And what you'll [00:12:00] notice is those fingers start to pull together, drawing together, getting closer and closer. every step and in a moment they're going to touch and when they touch you can take a big breath and relax right down and I'll let you just have your hands back getting closer and closer and just excellent. So see that's

[00:12:15] I

[00:12:15] Amy Squires: just fighting really hard just then.

[00:12:20] Carol Macrae: So it's just a state of focus concentration. That's all it is. Because that person was

[00:12:23] Amy Squires: I just want to clarify, sorry, I just want to not plan that and I was actually trying really hard to not let my fingers touch. So wow, okay.

[00:12:37] Carol Macrae: Awesome. So it's like daydreaming and it's the state you're in when you're driving down the highway and you miss your turn off. So that is an optimum state to put on some positive, audio books and things that are motivational while you're driving because it goes directly into that subconscious mind.

[00:12:52] When you're in that state, we can make rapid change. But again, if I was trying to get you to do something you didn't want to do, you wouldn't get there. [00:13:00] So it really is an interesting sort of concept, but it's been around since since The 1700s in one form or another and it's used now more and more as a clinical way to really help people make rapid change.

[00:13:13] And I used to work with three psychologists years ago and I started getting their clients because You know, they had them coming back for years and I'm not about that. Hypnosis is fast because we're going to the root of the problem. So the conscious mind is 5 to 10% and that's your rational logical part.

[00:13:29] The subconscious mind is 90 to 95% and that's the emotional part of your brain, but it's also where your habits and patterns live. So, somebody might say, I want to quit smoking, and they're trying to do that with that 5 10%, whereas the subconscious is where the habit lives, and as soon as they get stressed in the past, every time they got stressed, they lit a cigarette.

[00:13:49] So that's a neuro, neuropat, pattern, it's a pathway, neurological pathway in the brain that says, when I'm stressed, I'm going to smoke a cigarette. Great. So that 5 [00:14:00] to 10 percent is never going to win over that 90 to 95 percent. But if we can drop that person into that state of susceptibility, where they're willing to follow those instructions, we can put that, that suggestion in that they're a non smoker, they'll remain a non smoker for the rest of their life and they'll open their eyes and go, yep, I'm a non smoker, that's easy.

[00:14:18] In fact, years ago, I had a fellow from Cobar they went, the gold pick mines in Cobar went smoke free and they sent all their workers to me. And I had one man, he was smoking 45 cigarettes a day. I think he said it was $380 a week on cigarettes. Over $8,000. Every year. And when he came back the next week, he said, I don't know what the hell you did to me last week.

[00:14:43] He said, it's been the best week I've ever had. Haven't had a cigarette, haven't thought about them. I went out with my mates drinking. They were all smoking and it just didn't bother me one little bit. I can't thank you enough. I just feel like a different person. I'm free, finally free.

[00:14:57] Amy Squires: So I would [00:15:00] imagine this man had a pack of cigarettes in his pocket, you know, after he'd seen you. So it's...

[00:15:05] Carol Macrae: And I told him to throw them in the bin.

[00:15:07] Amy Squires: So it's this... He knows that he used to smoke. It's not that he forgot that he was a smoker. It's this suggestion now that's living kind of within him that's telling him, no, you don't do this anymore, or...

[00:15:18] Carol Macrae: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah, and even before he left, I... So I will, if I've got somebody with hip, quit smoking is probably the easiest thing I do, and I've seen thousands of people with that but I will get them in hypnosis, I'll say, and if you've got any cigarettes in your pocket or in your bag, you might want to throw them in the bin before you leave here. If they're in the car, you might want to stop at the, yeah, because you don't smoke. Yeah. And so they'll open their eyes and go, I've got some cigarettes here. Let's throw them away.

[00:15:45] Yeah.

[00:15:45] That again, that is just me compelling that suggestion by getting them to agree with it.

[00:15:50] Amy Squires: That must be a powerful step because I can imagine, you know, I, and when I would be growing up and would see a lot more people smoking, then they'd talk [00:16:00] about quitting. It would be after this pack or so they don't kind of keep them and it would stay with them. And then all of a sudden they were buying another pack. So I guess that was a powerful step, you know, throwing them away.

[00:16:11] Carol Macrae: Yeah. Yeah. And that's them giving themselves a suggestion, which is what we want and in fact, all hypnosis really is self hypnosis because they've got to want to do it anyway. and it's a partnership. It's not me doing something to them. It's I play my part, they play their part and together we get congruence with the conscious and subconscious mind.

[00:16:32] Because both those parts of the brain don't normally talk to each other, but in, when we can get to that state where we can shift, then we've got congruence. We've got every part of the mind moving them forward to the suggestion that they want for themselves. That's really what it's all about, making rapid change.

[00:16:48] Amy Squires: And is it, you know, like this, is it one session or are some people who may be, because you mentioned with the shows, for example, you know, they pick the easiest, suggestible [00:17:00] people but then are there some people who are, you know, I guess stubborn and it takes longer or you have to work harder or how does it go?

[00:17:07] Carol Macrae: So I don't usually ever do one session because I want to make sure that we were successful.

[00:17:12] So quit smoking is the easiest and it's like either two sessions or maybe three. Everything else is about three sessions. Basically when somebody's got an emotional that's driving a behavior, if somebody's distracting and people use cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, work probably you're, you're in the work category and probably so am I.

[00:17:33] We work all the time. Some people use cleaning. OCD is just massive anxiety really what is, is what it is. But when we use these distracting behaviors, it's just to not have to deal with the emotions. So you, you're feeling stress, you go, what can I go and do? And I'll go and do this job. And it's just an underlying anxiety for most people.

[00:17:53] But if we don't deal with that, That cause, that initial emotion that's triggering the [00:18:00] behavior, it'll lead to frustration. And if you keep going round and round in circles, it'll eventually lead to depression. But you can't get rid of depression until you find out what the primary emotion was. And age regression is the best tool for that.

[00:18:12] And so with five path hypnosis, It's first sessions, easy, get to know them and do some easy direct suggestion towards what it is they've come in for. Second suggestion is we want to bring up the emotion that's driving the behavior, and do some as you back regression and track it back and find out where it's come from.

[00:18:32] And clear it and so, for example, in one age regression session, I had a lady who came in with massive anxiety and low self esteem. And we went back and back and back. And she got back to, I'm not born yet and I said, okay, all right, how far along are you? She said, seven. I said, seven minutes, seven hours, seven days, seven weeks, seven months, seven what? And she said, well, I'm seven months. I said, [00:19:00] so what's going on in there little one? And she said, mum and dad are fighting and dad just said, I don't want a girl, I want a boy.

[00:19:06] Amy Squires: Oh.

[00:19:06] Carol Macrae: So she came out of hypnosis and she said, did I make that up? I said, I got no idea

[00:19:11] Amy Squires: so while she's in that state, sorry, I know I keep interrupting you. I'm just so curious, while she's in that state, is she aware of what she's saying? Yeah. Is she still, she's still her. She's not asleep.

[00:19:23] Carol Macrae: You're not asleep. No. Yeah. You just, you know. A really relaxed state, that's all it is. Okay. And when you're in that state, memories will float up. Anyway, so she said did I make it up?

[00:19:34] I said, I've got no idea. But if your subconscious feels, it'll either make it up as a way to do emotion

[00:19:39] Amy Squires: the way she feels it. Yeah. Way that's bothering her.

[00:19:43] Carol Macrae: Yeah. And I said, you'll, it'll either make it up or I think maybe, perhaps it could be real, but it doesn't really matter because we still gotta deal with the emotion and that's what we wanna clear.

[00:19:53] So the next week she came back, she said, I can't believe it. I spoke to my mother about that and she said, how did I know about it? She was seven months pregnant with me. [00:20:00] Wow. And so I've seen that time and time again. I had a truck driver who went back to five weeks in the worm and said, mom's trying to abort me.

[00:20:09] He was a 55 year old man. And when he came back the following week, he said, I spoke to my 85 year old mother and all she could do was cry and say, how could you know about that? You couldn't know. Yeah. So I believe that the subconscious is the soul and that is there from the moment of conception.

[00:20:26] Actually, it's there from before, because sometimes people are... Go back into past lives, so.

[00:20:31] Amy Squires: They recognize this then with you, so now they're aware of something that is, has been bothering them, so it's particularly traumatic for them, and then so what's the step to then dealing with it? Because is becoming aware of it enough?

[00:20:45] Or no, no, no, we want

[00:20:46] Carol Macrae: to, we want to clear it. Yeah. So then we're going to take them before the episode. We're going to take them back to before they ever thought there was anything wrong with them. When they felt safe and they felt I'm good enough as I am. I'm [00:21:00] perfect. And we want to bring that good feeling right through them.

[00:21:03] So we will bring the grown up back and we're doing end of child work here. The grown up part of them will come back and be able to look at that little one. And imagine holding them in their arms and say, you know what, you're good enough, you're fine. You didn't do anything wrong. There's not a thing wrong with you.

[00:21:17] And just tell them what they need to know and then let them know I'm on your side and I'll be with you every step of the way. And then we'll go through those initial sensitizing event and subsequent sensitizing events and undo the problem. So we'll get them, give them some truth is really all we want to do.

[00:21:34] And we might say, you know, for that that woman who was seven months. in the womb as a little fetus. What we then did was we took her to a time after we cleared that there was anything wrong with her, we took her to a time when her father told her he loved her. And so, that was so powerful. And often I'll take them right through to their birth and I'll say, can you see mum's face?

[00:21:58] And they'll go yeah. And [00:22:00] I'll say, how does she look? And they'll, they'll just say happy. And I'll say does that mother love you? And they'll go yes. And it's just reinforcing that positive feeling of I'm good enough. Then we'll go right through. Yeah, and then I'll let them do some work on their own and just clear whatever else is there.

[00:22:15] So they come back with a whole new insight. So it's really reframing and realizing that might be somebody else's opinion. We don't have to worry with it. And the third session is generally forgiveness of others and anybody else that hurt them. And we do Gershop therapy in, in therapy, in hypnosis. So it has a much stronger effect than just doing it in a normal setting.

[00:22:37] And we would let them talk to that person that hurt them. Then we get them to swap places and step into the other person's shoes, basically, and understand where that person has come from. And maybe that happened to them. Maybe they didn't have the resources to be anything other than what they were. And then we'll do forgiveness of themself for the misunderstanding and for letting people walk all over them or becoming people pleasers or whatever that might [00:23:00] be.

[00:23:00] Because everybody's an individual, everybody's got something unique. And and so, so that's generally three sessions and we might do a follow up a month later. But if they've still got any symptoms after. those initial three sessions, then we would do some parts mediation. So we'll break their psyche up into the different parts of them, and that'll be the old self part that thinks it's a good idea to keep smoking or eating the wrong foods or whatever that might be.

[00:23:24] It might be the fit and healthy self that says, you know what, I've been fit and healthy and it feels much better than being overweight or being smoking or whatever. We might bring the confident part of them that's overcome a lot of obstacles in their life. And what they get to understand is really, particularly with the age regression, that They survived everything.

[00:23:41] So they can survive all the stuff that life's thrown at them, probably they're going to get through anything else that's in the future as well. So it's a lot of reframing and yes, I have to work pretty hard sometimes. Sometimes I'll also find on mind mapping, I'm reading their minds while I'm in the chair because I've been doing it for so long and because of the Reiki stuff.

[00:23:59] Sometimes the [00:24:00] clients will see the colors, you know, often your clients will see when you're doing a Reiki treatment with the third eye opening. And our auras are merged when we're doing this kind of work. and sometimes I'll hear words come into my head and I'll say them and they'll go, how did you know I, how do you know I was thinking that?

[00:24:16] And then you said it and that happens a fair bit of the time. So we're using a lot of intuition as well when we're doing this work. Not everybody does that. In fact when I, when I did my training all those years ago there really weren't any other hypnotherapists in town. And even when I did my Reiki training, I had someone put an article in the paper saying I was doing the work of the devil because it came from the East.

[00:24:39] So that was way back. And so all the, all the people in town, nearly every one of them, apart from about two people, there's a lot of people now doing hypnosis, but nearly every one of them are people that came to me for therapy and got better and went and did training. So powerful it could be.

[00:24:56] Yeah. Yeah. And look, I mentor a lot of people. If anybody's got [00:25:00] issues, I'll have people ring me and say, I've got this client coming in with this problem. What do you think I should do? And I'll go, yeah, maybe you could do the rewind technique or maybe you could do this with them. And, I just think the more of us out there doing good work, the better it is for everybody.

[00:25:12] And it lifts up the profile of hypnosis. It lifts up the profile of Reiki too, because I've got over 800 students that have trained with me in Reiki and and I just think, How can I serve?

[00:25:24] Amy Squires: You'll never run out of people to heal, you know, it's, it's never that there's going to be too many practitioners, you know, yeah,

[00:25:30] Carol Macrae: Exactly, yeah, yeah.

[00:25:32] So very powerful modality and we can get rapid change, we can get permanent change. And it's only if you really address what the cause is and pull the trigger out. It's like a switchboard. You're just pulling all the switches out. And then they home and hose and then they feel free to be themselves. And that's really what we want.

[00:25:49] Authentic people living their best life.

[00:25:52] Amy Squires: So, with it, I've heard a lot you've, you've said it works really well for smoking, addressing anxieties, [00:26:00] depression. I mean, it sounds, sounds to me like it's pretty well rounded. Does it work for everything? Is there...

[00:26:06] Carol Macrae: Look, I'm going to say yes, because... Yeah, because I believe that you know, for pain, it works really well for pain.

[00:26:12] Even I had a man in here was it yesterday or the day before who my brother is a real I was going to say, well, he's a bit like Steve Erwin , he's a real rough nut and this guy is used to be a rodeo rider on horses and he's 60 year old man. And he says, your brother told me to come and see you that you might be able to help me.

[00:26:34] And I went, Oh, right. Yeah. Come on, come on in and we'll see what we can do. And I said, Oh, so Mark actually told you to come and see me. And he said yeah. Right. And I said, so, so what exactly does your sister do? And Mark said. Well, I don't really know, but apparently she's pretty good at it.

[00:26:49] Amy Squires: But apparently it works.

[00:26:50] Carol Macrae: Yeah.

[00:26:52] Amy Squires: Well, I'm allowed to get him to listen to the podcast and he can listen to what you do.

[00:26:57] Carol Macrae: Yeah. And and so what I did was I did [00:27:00] that technique again, put the man into a state of trance, got him to put his hands down for a moment. And I did a thing called kinetic shift, which is another hypnosis sort of style, but it's really. To me, it's energy medicine on steroids and and look, it cost me 850 to do this two day workshop that I could have learned in five minutes. And so you pop them into a light trance, you get them to close their eyes, you get them to go into where is the problem in your body and maybe lower back. For this man it was left hip, right hip, he was supposed to have two hip replacements, lower back both knees, he had one knee reconstructed, he had a problem in his wrist, he had a problem with his left ankle, he had a problem with his neck, his lower back and his middle back.

[00:27:46] And so what I got him to do is, I was sitting down and I said, I'm just going to write, I'm going to take notes, tell me on a scale of zero to ten, what's this one? What's this one? What's this one? If it had a color, what would it be? So I got them to give me, I got him to give me a color. [00:28:00] First thing that popped into his head.

[00:28:01] And then I said, as I count from one to three, you can open your eyes and just look at my forehead. And I said, now I'm going to actually pull that blocked energy out of your body and he goes rightio. And so the way I describe Reiki to people is that when we've got an emotional issue going on in our life, it'll cause a block in the flow of our energy field or our aura.

[00:28:21] If we're not able to deal with that emotional cause, it will move in to manifest as illness or injury on the body. But I also did Touch for Health Kinesiology, which is kind of combines Chinese medicine information and techniques. With Touch for Health, we talk about Chinese medicine, we talk about 14 meridians or rivers of qi throughout the body. And really they break them up into 14 parts and name them according to the organs that they run through. But really, it's just one river of qi or energy that flows through the body. And what we know about Energy is if we've got pain, it's because there's a block in that flow in that meridian. So there's a dam that builds up behind it.

[00:28:59] [00:29:00] It's just congested energy. So we have these little Chakras on our hands and we can just simply just pull that blocked energy out like this without even touching them. And with this man, I just pulled it down through the hip like this and I said, imagine now we're putting taps on your toes and we're just going to pull these little threads of energy out through the soles of your feet. And he goes, Oh my God, I can feel that. I don't know what you're doing. Anyway, yeah. So he left here pain free. Wow. And that's pretty, pretty amazing. And when I did the training with Kinect Shift, it was with Hypnosis UK, but they did say, if you've got other modalities, feel free to use them and he didn't do it quite the same way I did, and I've sort of adapted it, but I'm, I know it's energy medicine and people can feel that. And I've, look, I've done it online.

[00:29:47] One of my Reiki students was in Brisbane and she had a torn hamstring, she was a triathlete and I said, Kath, we might have a crack at this new modality that I've done and she said, Oh, I haven't even got a computer. I've only [00:30:00] got my phone. I said, I don't care if I can do distance healing. I can do this on you as well. Let's have a try. Cause I just don't think there's any limit to what we can do. I know we can send our consciousness anywhere and through knowing that we can do distance healing, we can send our intentions anywhere. So I put her into a light set of trance. She was sitting in a lounge room she only had her little tiny phone and I said, just put it down there and I'm just going like this and I said, I'm imagining where your legs are and she said, I can feel that it's something's traveling down my legs. Three days later, she did a triathlon.

[00:30:34] I had another client in Ireland who had a torn rotator cuff. We did the same thing over the internet.

[00:30:39] Amy Squires: Yeah, I mean, distance healing is quite remarkable. We have a, a podcast actually. There's a woman coming on next week to talk a lot about the different modalities. She does via distance and just getting into it. It's, it's, it is, it's really remarkable the way it works and how it works and, you know, we don't understand all of it, but it's, the results are there.

[00:30:59] Carol Macrae: [00:31:00] Definitely, I don't know I don't know whether you've, you've heard of Jane McGrath . So any Australian will know about the McGraths because Glen McGrath was an Australian cricketer, a champion and his first wife, Jane, so his first wife, Jane had breast cancer and they formed the McGrath Foundation for Breast Cancer. And I met. Jane at Glen's auntie's funeral, my Aunty Margie's funeral, and she said, Do you do Reiki? And I said, Yeah and she said, Do you think you could teach me something I can do so I can do some Reiki on myself?

[00:31:35] I said, sure, no worries. And we were having the cup of tea after the funeral in the church hall and I said, look, come up the back. I'm going to teach you how to feel Qi in your hands. This Qi, this ball of energy and she could feel it. I went, Oh, look, this is no good, they're going to think I'm a witch you better come home with me.

[00:31:51] So I took her home and I did a Reiki treatment on her. And I did one attunement, which I wouldn't normally do, but I did it as a healing attunement so that we just give her... [00:32:00] more flow and clear some of the blocked energy in her chakras and her auras, in her aura. And then a few days later, she rang me and she said, look, I've, when I had a hot spot in my left hip, it was a dull ache. But since you did that treatment, I've had this stabbing pain in my right hip. I said, Oh, I should have warned you about that. This is called a healing crisis. And all it's doing is condensing that healing to a shorter period of time. So sometimes it can be more intense. So don't worry. I'll do some healing on you this afternoon when I get a break and it should be, should be gone. So I did, I took my teddy bear outside at 4. 30 that afternoon and I did the distance healing and she rang me the next day and she said, I don't know what you did, but it's gone and I said, before you say anything, what time did that pain go? And she said, 4. 30. I said, that's the time I did the treatment and she said, but but now I've got a plane in my back and I said, look, I kind of felt that it felt like it was moving up and down the teddy bear's spine and I said, I'll get to it tonight when I go to bed and she said, well, I won't be here tomorrow. We're going to the Melbourne cricket [00:33:00] ground, but I'll talk to you in a few days. So of course I did that. treat, the treatment. And on the Wednesday, she rang me and she said, I woke up and it was just gone. And I didn't ring you because usually when we were at the cricket ground, my back aches all day after I've done that, aches for a week, but it hasn't hurt. Went fantastic. So we had the psychic connection. So every time something would happen to Jane, I would just know and I'd ring and say, what's happening? And she, she'd say, Oh, I was going to ring you, this happened, can you send me healing? And then I had this episode where my daughter and grandson had been living in New Zealand for a year and they came home and I had a teddy bear set up with crystals charged to continue to deliver unlimited Reiki treatments to Jane Wallever the teddy bear remained within the crystal circle, the grid.

[00:33:48] Amy Squires: I might just let everyone know, I haven't done a distant healing episode yet, so anyone who is unfamiliar as to why Carol is carrying a teddy bear around with her, as Reiki [00:34:00] practitioners, if we're sending distant healing, we tend to use you know, a pillow or a teddy as... As the, the kind of makeshift person so that we can get, make sure we don't miss any steps and just have something there in our hands. So this is why she's carrying around a teddy bear.

[00:34:17] Carol Macrae: Exactly. Yeah. So Cooper ran past the teddy, grabbed it by the left arm, riffed it off the bench. The crystals ran everywhere. It fell, flew everywhere. I picked them up and I went, Oh my God, I hope nothing bad's just happened to Jane.

[00:34:30] Amy Squires: Yeah

[00:34:31] Carol Macrae: I checked my watch it was 2 30 I put him in behind the, in my bedroom behind the door on a bookshelf and came out and just picked it, you know, dealt with everything else. Now, a few days later, Jane rang me and she said, Oh, I had this terrible accident. I was putting my son James on the swing and he jumped up and he hit by my shoulder and it's dislocated or something james, James. Glenn's had the team physio working on my shoulder, but I can't even lift it it's absolutely in agony I said, did that happen on Saturday at [00:35:00] 2 30? And she said, yes. How did you know that was her getting a big smack?

[00:35:04] I said, I think I did voodoo on you. And I said, look, stay on the, on the phone. I'll do some healing on you right now. While she was on the phone, we cleared it and she said, now my right here, my right shoulder sore. And I said, that's you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders let's clear that right now too. And we did. And unfortunately, when I got my first lot of breast cancer, I opted to have radiation so I could get a holiday because we've got a daughter who's had drug and alcohol problems now for 26 years. We've raised a 20 year old. We're now raising a 6 year old. We have a 13 year old on weekends as well. And there was a lot of trauma going on at the time, but I was having the three year old version of the 20 year old now. I was looking after Cooper a fair bit at the time, a lot of stuff going on anyway. And so I had breast cancer and I went away to had my, I had radiation so I could get a holiday and I would [00:36:00] just drive home from Newcastle on a Friday, pick up Cooper, have him all weekend, drop him back on the Friday, the Monday and go back to Newcastle and have the radiation.

[00:36:08] Amy Squires: So you had to go travel to Newcastle for the radiation?

[00:36:11] Carol Macrae: I did. We don't now, but we did back then. Yeah.

[00:36:14] Amy Squires: But that's not particularly close, is it?

[00:36:15] Carol Macrae: Four and a half hours. Yeah.

[00:36:17] It's not that big

[00:36:18] Amy Squires: a lot to have to travel for when you're dealing, already dealing with cancer and.

[00:36:23] Carol Macrae: Oh, look, I didn't see it as a problem and I actually had a total hysterectomy four weeks before it so that I could get my ovaries removed so I could deal with, that was my, I decided to do that as part of my treatment rather than taking medication. So yeah, I, I enjoyed the driving because I, as I said, I had I used that time as my drive time, as my self hypnosis time. Well, I just had all positive stuff in the radio and the car on the way.

[00:36:49] Anyway, so I'd kind of lost this connection with Jane and then when I rang her, she said, No, you've got enough stuff to deal with off your own. I didn't want to bother you. [00:37:00] I've been on arimidex. No, I've been on tamoxifen. No, arimidex she'd been on for three years, but her cancer had actually changed to a different type of cancer. So I then said to her, why are you on arimidex if you had your ovaries out? And she said no. I said, they've got you on the wrong medication. So she had these really world class people looking after her, but they did have her on the wrong medication because she told me the next time she came back. Anyway the cancer changed and probably a little while later she actually died.

[00:37:30] So we're often trying to think what is the highest good for all concerned because we think we're supposed to save people as Reiki people and it's not our job and that's the thing we've always got to take the ego out of it and that's probably one of the reasons I got breast cancer too is because I was just so invested in saving people and I was doing a technique where I thought I was put my hands on their feet at the end these cancer patients and I'd go and imagine sucking the energy of the disease out of their body and blowing it away. [00:38:00] Later I read never do this technique because you can draw the energy of the disease into your body and you might get rid of it. So I've had a lot of lessons through all my illness. It's all been lessons. Nothing's meant to hurt us. Everything's meant to wake us up. And so with Jane, I look at what is the higher purpose because I spoke to her and she said, look, to be honest with you, I can live with this cancer. I said, no, you can't live with this cancer. You've got to get that out of your head. You can live without it, but you can't live with that way. And she said, to be honest with you, I've been fighting this disease for 11 years and I'm tired and I've had enough.

[00:38:33] Amy Squires: Yeah.

[00:38:34] And in that

[00:38:34] Carol Macrae: Instant, I thought she's given up so any here we do

[00:38:37] Amy Squires: You often see that, don't you? When they, you know, someone makes a decision that they just can't fight it.

[00:38:43] Carol Macrae: So with any healing, whether that's hypnosis, Reiki, kinesiology, anything else, it's a partnership between us, the client, and god of the universe and if one of those things is missing, then that healing just doesn't take place.

[00:38:56] So the highest good from that came that when Jane died, there [00:39:00] was, in Australia, there was this public, huge weeping. The whole country came together. But it also lifted the, it lifted the profile of breast cancer and it then made so many more people go and have breast screens. So there was something positive that came out of it.

[00:39:19] And they say even when Princess Diana died, that was again huge, the whole world you know, joined together in solidarity there, but

[00:39:28] Amy Squires: I was very young, but I remember that.

[00:39:30] Yeah, and so the higher purpose of her

[00:39:32] Carol Macrae: death was to open the heart chakra of England apparently because before that the English people were really stoic and after that they were open. They were emotional. They were connected and more empathy. So we were always looking for that high purpose.

[00:39:48] Amy Squires: It really identifies, you know, it really just highlights that mind body spirit connection, doesn't it? It's really hard to ignore when you're, when you're, you know, witnessing and experiencing situations like that.

[00:39:57] Definitely. And you

[00:39:58] Carol Macrae: can't separate them. [00:40:00] They're all, that's holistic health.

[00:40:03] Amy Squires: They're very integrated, yeah. One bounces off the other, we'll say, or they're intertwined, yeah, very much so. Carol, I want to thank you very much for sharing your story and the story of your clients and filling me in on hypnotherapy and getting me to do something that I never thought anybody would be able to get me to do, so that was really interesting.

[00:40:25] Thank you very much. Now before we sign off, where can people either learn a little bit more about hypnotherapy or about you and what you do? Where can we go?

[00:40:35] Carol Macrae: So, I've got, I've got a website and look, I've actually got some healing pages there with free stuff and there's a whole page for quit smoking, weight loss. and healing. And I developed those pages because I think the real work that happens is when I'm in, got that client in my chair and we're doing work to clear their crap.

[00:40:54] And so the direct suggestions stuff, I've got a lot of stuff. People have jumped on there and quit smoking, just using, I don't [00:41:00] care. If it can help somebody then, then that I can't get everybody into the chair. So the more people I can help the better. And I developed the healing page because I've I've got so many clients that see me still for hypnosis with cancer and I've got four people at the moment who are supposed to be terminal and three of them have no cancer in their bodies.

[00:41:18] Amy Squires: Wow.

[00:41:19] Carol Macrae: And that's because we clear the crap and then we will do a combination, we'll do whatever but I, I won't just do Reiki anymore. I'll always do the work that gets to the heart of the problem on their mental emotional level as well. Because there's three ways we can come at a healing. We can come on it at it from the energetic level. So we're clearing blocks, speeding up the healing process. And then that will also clear emotional blocks and physical blocks. We can come from it from the mental emotional level. So we're clearing the emotional block first, which then clears the energy block, which then can clear physical blocks. And we can come from it from a purely physical level but I think that is lacking. I think, you know, when somebody just has a [00:42:00] treatment, maybe chemo, or maybe they have antibiotics. I think unless we deal with the emotional stuff as well. the problem can come back again.

[00:42:11] Amy Squires: So it sounds like what's somebody would be getting is a, is a really intuitive session rather than true. You know, signing up up for one. Yeah,

[00:42:17] Carol Macrae: yeah, yeah. Alright. What combines everything? Yeah.

[00:42:20] Amy Squires: Well what I'll do, I'll pop on as well, and in the transcript or the show notes that I post online, I'll put some of those links up there.

[00:42:28] Carol Macrae: Excellent.

[00:42:29] Amy Squires: Thank you.

[00:42:29] Carol Macrae: And the Australian. Australian Hypnotherapist Association, as well, as well, I've been a member with them for, since 2005 but they are just go getters, they're just amazing and they've got training, they've got people that are qualified and trained with them that you can jump to their directory just as Reiki Australia does And they've always got ongoing training for me to stay registered. I've got to do, you know, I think I did six or seven workshops last year. Someone know where they're healing, which is healing the body with the mind or that sort of [00:43:00] stuff. That's what I'm interested in. But you've got to have once a month, you've got to have peer support meetings or supervision, whichever it is, but they're always ongoing. So, they've got lots of things on their website as well, lots of information for members, but also for the general public and places you can go to do training if you're interested in doing hypnotherapy, hypnotherapy training as well.

[00:43:20] Amy Squires: Perfect. I'll link that one as well. So thank you again, it was a pleasure to have you on the show and to everybody listening, make sure you go and you check out those links if you're interested in any of the many services that Carol offers or hypnotherapy, and as always, everyone be well and stay holistic.

[00:43:39] Carol Macrae: Excellent. Thanks, Amy. Much appreciated. Have a wonderful day everyone.

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