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Episode 5 | What is Grounding (Earthing) and how do I practice it?

What is Grounding, its benefits and how do you practice it?

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Podcast Transcript

Episode 5: What is Grounding (also known as Earthing) how do I practice it?

[00:00:00] Welcome back. On today's episode, we're going to talk about grounding or earthing. If you've ever attended a holistic health session with me, then you'll have heard me talk about and recommending grounding, also known as earthing. [00:01:00] Grounding is making a connection with the earth. It's a therapeutic technique that permits realignment of your energy.

[00:01:08] It's a practice that involves connecting your energy with the Earth's energy. It creates a sense of stability, balance, and presence. It's often used in various holistic and spiritual practices, and these include energy healing, meditation, and mindfulness. Grounding helps you establish a strong connection with both the earth and your physical body.

[00:01:34] It fosters a sense of stability in your daily life. So here's how it works and why it's beneficial to practice the connection to the Earth's synergy. So we know that the Earth has its own subtle energy. It's referred to as earth energy or frequency. And when you practice grounding, you consciously align your own energy with this [00:02:00] natural earth energy it flows through you.

[00:02:03] The connection helps balance your energy and harmonizes with the stability and nurturing qualities of the earth. It also releases excess electrical charge or energy that accumulates in your body, especially after being exposed to modern technology or stressful situations. The excess energy, it can create feelings of restlessness, anxiety, and generally feeling ungrounded.

[00:02:32] So you connect with the earth, you discharge this excess energy, and you restore a state of equilibrium. Grounding anchors your energy in your physical body and the present moment. It brings your awareness to your sensations, feelings, and experiences. In this way, it promotes a deeper connection with yourself, and this increased presence and stability, it reduces those feelings of [00:03:00] scatteredness anxiety or overwhelm.

[00:03:03] They have the calming and centering effect on your emotions and thoughts. So when you feel overwhelmed or emotionally charged, you can regain a sense of inner calm and balance

[00:03:14] Grounding also creates a space for clarity and perspective. You've got your balance back. Your energy is grounded. It's flowing freely. So it's nourishing your physical, your emotional, and your mental wellbeing, giving you back your creativity, focus and vitality.

[00:03:34] Grounding is often associated with establishing energetic boundaries and protection. By being grounded, you're creating a strong, energetic, foundation that helps shield you from absorbing external energies that are either draining or they're overwhelming.

[00:03:52] It's allowing you to maintain your own energetic integrity, and it's protecting you from being overly [00:04:00] influenced by others' energies. For anyone who's engaged in spiritual practice, grounding can be particularly important. It helps integrate spiritual or transcendent experiences into your life, ensuring that you remain connected to the earthly realm while also expanding your consciousness.

[00:04:21] So grounding supports the integration of higher frequencies or insights into practical living. So, Promoting a balanced and holistic approach to spirituality.

[00:04:32] Practicing grounding is regularly beneficial for overall wellbeing and self care. You'll stay connected in the present moment. You'll find stability among life's challenges and maintain a harmonious energy flow. You've got a solid foundation for personal growth. Emotional resilience and spiritual development so you can navigate life from a [00:05:00] place of balance and inner strength.

[00:05:03] Great, that all sounds amazing, but how do we do it? How do I get there? How do I ground myself? Well, grounding is done by making contact with the earth's surface. It's really as easy as that walking barefoot outside in the grass, on the sand in the ocean. Now we have to remember, there is a time and a place for walking barefoot.

[00:05:26] I don't recommend walking barefoot in extreme weather or in areas that are unsafe to do so. So always be aware of your surroundings and are you not one who loves feeling of grass on your feet or the squish of mud between your toes? Well go for a swim. Sit in a park, go for a walk. Just do it barefoot.

[00:05:47] Being grounded, it makes you feel centered, balanced, and aligned with your life. When you're not grounded, you may notice that things are often not going to plan. You may feel scattered and your [00:06:00] path may feel unclear. How often do we desperately need a vacation?

[00:06:05] And when we finally take it, we end up on the beach barefoot, coming back, feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, calm. Not being grounded, it's, it has a negative impact on sleep, stress, anxiety, concentration. Typically, someone who's not grounded, may not feel satisfied with the direction of their life. So get out, go grounded. Take off your shoes, go for a walk in the park, wiggle your toes in the mud, walk along the beach. Grounding is a great technique to help you maintain your root chakra health. I recommend grounding as regular practice, especially to my clients who present with an unbalanced root chakra.

[00:06:51] If you wanna read up a little more on grounding or earthing, there actually has been quite a bit of scientific research done on [00:07:00] grounding, and there's a movie called the Earthing movie.

[00:07:03] It's a documentary that reveals this remarkable science. It talks about grounding or earthing and how we can heal ourselves by participating in it. So I will link the studies that I have, and I'll also link the movie for you to view at your own leisure.


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