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Episode 29 | New paramedic communication methods involve hypnosis

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Podcast Transcript

Episode 28: New Paramedic Communication Methods Involve Hypnosis

[00:00:00] Are you ready to take a transformative journey to optimize your wellbeing? Welcome to the Holistic Health Show, the podcast that dives deep into the body, mind, and spirit connection. I'm your host, Amy, and I invite you to join me as we explore the keys to unlocking your true potential.

On this podcast, we dive into the fascinating world of holistic wellness, where we uncover the secrets to living a balanced, vibrant, and fulfilling life. Through captivating conversations and inspiring stories, we'll uncover the mind body connection and learn how our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs impact our physical wellbeing.

Each episode is designed to provide practical tips, strategies, and insights that you can immediately apply to your own life. Whether you are a seasoned wellness enthusiast, or you're just starting to explore the world of holistic health, the holistic health show [00:01:00] is your go-to resource for all things wellness.

So grab your headphones, find a cozy spot, and join me every week as I unlock the secrets to radiant health and wellbeing. But don't worry, it's not all serious stuff here. I believe in embracing joy and finding happiness in every moment, so you can expect some laughter, uplifting stories, and a supportive community that will cheer you on as you embark on your holistic health journey.

I've always been passionate about helping others through healthcare, and I started my journey as a paramedic. I do practice Reiki as a professional practice now, and I am studying to take the Australian medical school entrance exam this year, so wish me luck. To me, health matters, and I know that when you're looking for the best healthcare for your family, it can be really overwhelming.

And that's why I started this podcast. It's to help you discover and understand what it means [00:02:00] to have an individualized, proactive approach to wellness. No more confusing information and no more one size fits all healthcare. The whole point of this is for you to feel supported and for me to answer all of your questions in short episodes.

I keep it real and I keep it simple. I also have workshops and information sessions on YouTube, so if you wanna go deeper, head over and check those out. On the video versions of these podcasts, you'll be able to see items, services or products that I'm discussing if I have a guest on who's chatting with me.

Sometimes you'll see us both and you'll find helpful links to their workshops, eBooks, and more. When I mention something that's more of training or a workshop, we'll post a video version of that as well. But enough about that and more about me. Who am I and why [00:03:00] should you trust me? Well, Reiki has been in my family for years and it's supported the health of myself, my family, and my friends as we moved through different and sometimes often challenging experiences in our lives.

Prior to turning to a proactive approach to wellness through alternative and complimentary medicine, I worked as a paramedic and I really enjoyed it. But during those years, I knew that I wanted to help my patients on a more proactive level. Paramedic services are essential, but I couldn't help but think of all the many steps my patients could have taken proactively to prevent them from finding themselves in their sudden emergency.

Now you wanna know, how do I plan to help normalize alternative healthcare in a mainstream medical setting? Well, by starting with this through what I do now, these [00:04:00] podcasts and during my journey through medical school, which has always been a goal of mine, and I'm finally ready to take it on, but how do I know this stuff actually works?

Well, I follow this approach for my own healthcare. I have another podcast coming up that goes deeper into my health and how I have learned to manage acute and chronic diseases. Plus, I have some guest appearances of clients who will tell you firsthand how my services and the services of others have been complimenting their Western medical care.

I love helping people, and if you look back at my career path, you'll see that I always have, if I do say so myself, I'm pretty darn good at it. Currently, my list of clients include moms who are supporting their teens emotionally. It includes women who are undergoing chemotherapy and individuals seeking pain and, stress management, and sleep [00:05:00] management.

I'm supporting them through individualized plans based on their needs through Reiki Chakra health and aromatherapy. I've recently received a Reiki Master Teacher Certification and an Empowered Success Certification. I've also completed a course in Chakra Mastery. I continue to expand my knowledge so that I can better understand and help my clients.

I wanna congratulate you on coming on this ride with me, and I hope you enjoy the podcast . Thanks for joining me on the Holistic Health Show and trusting me to guide you towards Proactive Healthcare. If you'd like to learn more about what I do, head to That's body mind, and reach out if you'd like to connect. If you enjoyed the episode, don't forget to subscribe now on your favorite podcast platform and get ready to [00:06:00] embark on an incredible journey toward holistic wellness.

Until next time, be well and stay holistic. The Holistic Health Show




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