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Episode 23 | Distant Healing Modalities and Benefits

Distant healing is a broad term that encompasses any type of healing that takes place without physical contact between the healer and the recipient. There are many different types of distant healing, including energy healing, Reiki, prayer, and shamanic healing.

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Podcast Transcript

Episode 23: Distant Healing Modalities and Benefits

[00:00:00] Amy: Welcome to the Holistic Health Show, where the worlds of science and spirituality converge to illuminate a path towards total well being. Join us as we embark on a journey to bridge the gap between Western medicine and complementary therapies, offering you a roadmap to embrace a proactive, holistic approach to your health.

[00:00:21] Amy: It's time to empower yourself with choices that nurture your body, mind, and soul. Welcome to a world of infinite possibilities for your optimal health.

[00:00:33] Amy: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the Holistic Health Show. I'm so excited that you're joining us again today. And today we have a great episode for you. We have Joan Dowie, who is a naturopath in St. John's, Newfoundland. I'd love to welcome you to the show, Joan. Thank you very much for having me, Amy. Yeah, it's exciting.

[00:00:54] Amy: So while you're from where I'm from, Newfoundland, you're actually away at the moment. So [00:01:00] it's a bit We're kind of all over the place. We're so lucky that we have technology that can, you know, bring us together no matter where we are So again, thank you for joining and I'm really excited about this session So Joan today is going to discuss distant healing with us and she'll explain a little bit about why That is.

[00:01:19] Amy: I have some knowledge because I do distant healing with Reiki, but Joan you're going to share a little bit more about some other modalities and distant healing today with us.

[00:01:28] Joan: I am. So, a nice segue there with the talk about the Zoom and, or being able to contact each other even though we're not together and I'm not at, it's, it's fascinating to me how connected we all are these days by the internet.

[00:01:48] Joan: And the thing is. I've been aware for a long time, as you have as a Reiki healer, I'm sure, that we are all interconnected anyway by our energy [00:02:00] fields. And that's what distance healing is all about. I had always been very interested in it, but when the pandemic came along,, I almost got panicked thinking about all those people who needed help, and without being under confinement.

[00:02:20] Joan: They couldn't get out, and I was one of them. I was I ended up living alone during those, those two years, and I really missed the, you know, going to see my healer friends and, and going to see, you know, having massage and one point early on the Bowen therapy association of, the United States offered a distance healing, a distance Bowen healing course.

[00:02:50] Joan: So I had always done it, but I, I didn't advertise it because it's a bit of a stretch for some people. Right. But by doing the certification, it [00:03:00] kind of legitimized it so that I wasn't afraid to say it anymore. So with distance healing, basically it's Sending healing energy to another person, or it could be an animal.

[00:03:12] Joan: I work on animals as well. For that matter, it could be a house plant. It doesn't matter. It's just sending healing energy to another being with intention and attention. And always in the highest good, always with permission. So, the intention and attention are really important. And I realized at one point that...

[00:03:37] Joan: I had made a big boo boo by, so I had a friend who wanted some distance healing and I was like, yeah, okay, I'm falling asleep, but I'll do it anyway. And I kind of did it while I was falling sleep. I was doing Bowen and the next day they said it had no effect. And the thing is, I, for me, I get better results with distance [00:04:00] healing than I do with hands on.

[00:04:01] Joan: It's like the physical gets in the way. So I, I know now that that was my big mistake is don't say that you can offer the, the the modality if you're tired or if you're not in a good place yourself. Yeah, you got to be present, but you got to have the, the energy to do it. So practitioners, We'll, we'll tell you if, , another time is better for them, even if, you know, if I have a really bad day today and I've got a session with you this evening, I will suggest that we will, you know, a good practitioner will suggest that we put it off.

[00:04:43] Joan: The goal of any distance healing session, just like the goal of any in person session, is to restore the balance, balance of energy to support your well being. And it can be at the physical level, the emotional, the mental, [00:05:00] or the spiritual level, the four levels of being because they, we're, we consist of all four of those levels.

[00:05:08] Joan: And when you're sending healing energy, it goes where it needs to go. So, it could be that you have a physical injury. It could be that you're feeling very depressed or anxious. And in the aftermath of those couple of years of the pandemic, I think there's a lot of anxiety. A lot of people are thrown off their base and need...

[00:05:32] Joan: Need to get rebalanced. Science is catching up to the whole energy healing world, yeah. Now that there are people studying quantum physics, for example and there's talk of quantum coherence where you'll have cells, living cells or beings that will influence each other across distance. They don't have to be together [00:06:00] to be in sync, and there have been studies done that show that this is the case.

[00:06:07] Joan: Now, classical physics and quantum physics aren't quite seeing eye to eye but that, that will come with more and more research. With the problem with research as far as the healing modalities are concerned is, You know, if it, if it involves meds, there are companies who want to create the meds and develop the meds, but there's not a whole lot of people around throwing money at at naturalistic modalities.

[00:06:38] Joan: So we're at a bit of a disadvantage to say the least. But I would suggest to anybody to give it a try. In fact, in my own practice, I do the first session for free if it's distance, just so that people can see, because you know, they're going, and I, first time I received distance healing, I was kind of like, Yeah.

[00:06:59] Joan: Right. What is this? [00:07:00] But then I felt this, and I was much more calm, and it was like, oh, so, yeah. In my experience too with Reiki, you know, when you're first starting out doing, you know, your level one and practicing on your family and friends, and then you get into level two, and so you're doing the distance healing.

[00:07:17] Amy: You're still just having a little practice and I remember you know, just saying some of my friends Do I have your permission to do a session on you? And I'd get them to go and I'd say, you know, go lie down, you know, don't I don't I want to really give this a shot. I want you to be relaxed. You know, I don't want you to be driving around and so some of them You know who really would never otherwise have sought out a Reiki treatments or you know weren't into that sort of thing at all Even meditation anything, right?

[00:07:51] Amy: You know, they say, you know, we'd chat after the session and I'd say, all right, so this is what I, you know, kind of thought while I was doing it and you know, how did you feel? You [00:08:00] know, just the kind of debriefing and they just couldn't believe it. Oh my gosh. You know, and I'm in Australia, right? And these sessions I was doing were to my friends in, in Newfoundland.

[00:08:10] Amy: So anybody listening, Newfoundland's in Canada, so, you know, quite far away and they just couldn't believe the connection. You know, and since I've come back and said, yeah, I definitely want more, you know, and yeah, it's quite, it is quite remarkable. And like you said, with the difference in the in person and the distance sessions, you know, both are, both work and both are great, but certainly there is a different connection when you're doing it via distance.

[00:08:36] Amy: There's a different sort of, almost like a different power, you know, it's a strength that you don't necessarily get. With the in person and I mean, you know, from perhaps that reason the distance sessions tend to be shorter as well. Yeah

[00:08:51] Joan: Yeah, because it's like it's condensed I've got clients in Australia, Portugal, Scotland, [00:09:00] the Middle East, the States and Canada and You know, every one of them have repeated sessions over time because they find it so beneficial.

[00:09:11] Joan: And it's not just Reiki, it's other modalities too. Yeah.

[00:09:16] Amy: So what modalities do you practice with it? Well, I practice some that would make other practitioners flip, but, you know, I just, I think that we can do just about anything via distance. And you know, every time you do a modality, they say, Oh, don't mix that with anything else and don't, , don't do it by this, not, can't do it by distance.

[00:09:39] Amy: And I'm gone. Let me check this out. So the, the freakiest one is I do scar release. Okay. So I had a client, I was working with her doing Reiki or something in the Middle East and she, you know, she does some Theta healing [00:10:00] herself so she understands how energy works. So she'd had some surgery done and she had these scars around her ears.

[00:10:09] Amy: Yeah, so I said and she was saying it really hurts It's stingy and it's numb in other places and this had been you know, two months after the surgery So when when I did scar release, it's two months after surgery. I said you want to have an experiment And she said what is a scar release? Well, it's a called McLaughlin scar release technique and what it is is actually little Bowen moves Over the scar.

[00:10:38] Amy: Okay. So in a whole lot of different directions. So. Normally it would be a physical touching. Oh, totally. It would be a physical touching. So I said, wanna play? She said, okay. And I said, all right, give me five minutes. Send me pictures of your scar. Of your scars. And she sent me two photos and then I [00:11:00] started working on it.

[00:11:01] Amy: And a few minutes later, I said. How does it feel? She goes, Oh my God, she said, there's no more numbness and it doesn't sting anymore. And I'm going, this is incredible because what I think about, as you know, in our province, we have a lot of people who live in really remote areas and they have no services, nothing.

[00:11:28] Amy: So they can't, can't even see a doctor in a lot of places. So, I keep thinking about the applications for people like that. And there are other people who don't like touch. If they can get their head around distance healing, they don't have to be touched. And you know, people who are uncomfortable going to a clinic for whatever reason.

[00:11:51] Amy: Even people who are just too ill to leave the house, you know, or recovering from surgery or, you know, suffering, you know, debilitating [00:12:00] anxiety when thinking about leaving the house, you know, all that can be worked on through distance. So it's just, it's, yeah, it's so versatile. So one of the other modalities that I do, I mentioned Bowen therapy, which originates in Australia and Bowen is fascial, fascial release.

[00:12:19] Amy: And in the Bowen world, there are those who would say, nah, nah, nah, it's not, you know, you can't do by distance. But they do offer certification for it now, do they? Yes, they do. Yeah. So when they offered that with the Bowen Academy of America, I jumped on it because I thought, this is... I need this so that people can have some kind of confidence.

[00:12:42] Amy: And when I did the case studies, I had, I think it was five people. aNd we had to do it in different ways. We had to do it with the person online so they could hear us. We had to do it without by saying to somebody, okay, I'm going to start in five [00:13:00] minutes, lie down and I'll call you when I'm done.

[00:13:03] Amy: And, but the most interesting one to me, and the most versatile, is, I will say, Okay, Amy you know, you need some Bowen, and you're having a busy day. I will prepare the Bowen session with the intention of your receiving it as you sleep tonight. Okay, yeah. So, I had, actually, my Reiki teacher. She was part of my group and when she receives Bowen in person, the next day, she feels like a truck ran over her and it lasts most of the day.

[00:13:37] Amy: And then after that she feels excellent. So when I worked on her, she was one of the ones I said, I don't know if we said you'll receive it at three in the morning or receive it as you sleep, which is what I prefer. The next morning I said, how you doing? She goes, Oh my God, just like I do when you do it in person.

[00:13:56] Amy: She said, I am just aching an hour [00:14:00] later, instead of the whole day, an hour later she contacts me. She says. I can't believe it. While the coffee was brewing, I stretched a little bit, and every muscle in my body feels like butter right now. So. So powerful. It is so powerful and so fabulous. And, you know, I just...

[00:14:23] Amy: I get so excited when somebody wants distance Bowen or whatever. I I mean, I've been doing Reiki for years, professionally, you know, not nearly as long, but, um, you know, having been receiving Reiki from my grandmother for, you know, a very long time. And now, even though I grew up with it and it was just a normal every, Everyday thing.

[00:14:48] Amy: I still get really excited after every session. You know, when you're talking to the client after, you're following up, and it's still, and especially with the distance, I think, because I [00:15:00] know it works because I've done it. But also, I still get really excited when I hear the clients come to the realization that, oh my gosh, you know, what, how, how did this happen and I can't believe it.

[00:15:12] Amy: And they just, even if they were skeptical first and they're just like, you know, I'm just trying things, I'm just trying new things or I'm trying anything that might help. And then they think, gosh, you know, how have I not been doing this for so long? You know? Yeah. It's definitely becoming more common, but it's still very.

[00:15:30] Amy: Unknown, you know, it's just starting to kind of get out there, I think. I had lunch with my partner's friend today and he asked me what the podcast was about and I said, distance healing, and it was kind of like, boom. Yeah. Conversation over. Okay. Well, let's move on to another topic. Another lady. Well, we'll have to listen and then maybe there'll be a Yeah.

[00:15:54] Amy: Be a convert. Another woman in that, in those case studies [00:16:00] was somebody who had never experienced any kind of distance healing and she wasn't, but she was desperate. She had gone out walking with her 85 pound dog and leaned over. This was in March or March of 2020 it happened and I contacted her in May, late May.

[00:16:19] Amy: And the dog, her 85 pound dog jumped up. And hit her in the face and bounced her head right back. She couldn't get into the hospital, couldn't see a doctor. She'd been in bed for two months, just nauseated every time she moved, couldn't do anything. So I said, okay, well, let's do three sessions. And after the first session, she said she got out of bed and she did some chores.

[00:16:45] Amy: The second session, the headache was gone. And the third session, she said she was fine. Wow. So, you know. And let's see, what else is there? Well we [00:17:00] talk about Reiki, and Rahami is one that I do that is very similar to Reiki, except instead of just... I should say just instead of calling in universal energy, you're calling on specific angels for different parts of the healing.

[00:17:17] Amy: So it's the same kind of idea. You know, when you call in your angels and guides, they're there. Yeah. Yeah. And one example of that was I had a friend who had two border collies and In three weeks of each other, they both died, like seemingly healthy dogs. She was in such a funk. Her husband was so concerned.

[00:17:41] Amy: And he talked to me and he said, I don't know if she's going to make it. He thought he was going to lose her too. So, She contacted me after I did a rohani session, and she said that the warmth started in her solar plexus and started to radiate out through [00:18:00] her whole body, right to her toes, up to her head.

[00:18:03] Amy: And she was grieving so deeply, but all of a sudden, for the first time in three weeks, she felt. Like she was being comforted and she was able to get some good sleep, good quality sleep and she, you know, she attributed it, it was all happening at the time of, of the Rahani session. So. You know, it's, it was so good to be able to comfort her because she was on the other side of the province and, yeah, you mentioned that too, because people don't realize, you know, how much of an impact grief has on us, you know, not just mentally and emotionally, but physically and energy healing can be really powerful and helping you just, you know, Accept, come to terms with, and then, you know, move that energy so that you're able to, you know, carry on and get past the grief [00:19:00] and live with that, yeah.

[00:19:01] Amy: When you're grieving, you need comfort of some kind and to be able to receive energetic comfort and be able to remove some of the blocks. It's just, it's, it's all consuming really, isn't it? You know? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. cHakra clearing is another one that could apply with with grieving and is easily done by distance.

[00:19:28] Amy: ANd for, I'm sure most of your listeners are familiar with chakras, but the chakras are, , nerve centers actually is what they are, but they're energy centers in different parts of your body. And usually we concentrate on seven of them from the root which is at the base of your spine, the sacral, which is just below your belly button, , solar plexus where your ribs meet your heart, throat.

[00:19:58] Amy: Third eye and[00:20:00] the seventh one, crown, crown, the crown. Yeah. So by keeping your chakras cleared, and again, they're not just energy centers, they're actual nerve plexus. So it's no accident that these are the sites apart from the crown. That these are the sites of of, you know, where we channel energy and help to clear them.

[00:20:25] Amy: And if you think about it, when you're grieving, often you'll see people holding their, you know, their belly and holding their solar plexus and their heart, and you get this heaviness in them. Yeah. And it can be cleared so that it takes away some of the heaviness. Yes, you have to grieve. You can't just walk away from it.

[00:20:48] Amy: You have to go through it. You don't have to be totally, totally miserable while you're doing it. And, you know, things like Bowen can help to relax because You [00:21:00] know, we get our shoulders up to our ears and you can release physical tension that way. And uh, it's just really important to balance. Yeah. And you mentioned you know, holding your stomach and I often tell people so I'm doing a chakra series online as well on the show.

[00:21:18] Amy: And, you know, you have people who are coming in and they, they get this heat in their stomach. They say that feeling, you know, it's just your solar plexus. That's really just kind of all consuming everything and blocking everything. And that's that physical feeling that you're getting, you know, it's, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:21:37] Amy: It's amazing how interconnected it all is. Oh my gosh, yes. And to realize that, they just think, gosh, yeah, you're right. Every time I am upset, I'm getting this same feeling or this same ache, you know, I'm manifesting it here. I'm carrying it right here. Yeah. And they just need some help moving past that and learning how to manage that.

[00:21:57] Amy: Yeah. And, and even [00:22:00] physically you can hold you can hold grief or anger or sadness. tissues. So one muscle that is particularly vulnerable to you know, anybody who's grieved, you're sort of bent over is your psoas muscle, which starts in the lower back and comes through to the top of your femur. So I have had times where I have released that in person and by distance and the person starts to cry and they're releasing, their angst because anxiety too, of course, you're still in that same posture.

[00:22:39] Amy: Yeah. But it can even No longer hanging on. Yeah. But it, the other side of the coin is people like young people who spend a lot of time gaming. They're the ones I think about because they sit a lot and they develop anxiety, symptoms of anxiety, but it's not actually [00:23:00] emotional or mental. It's physical because They have shortened their psoas muscle by sitting too much.

[00:23:09] Amy: Okay. So they can't get a good breath. Their chakras, their lower chakras are definitely blocked because they're bent over. And by releasing that muscle, be it in person or by distance, you can relieve anxiety. Wow. It's. It's. Absolutely mind boggling what we can do. And you mentioned meditation earlier, well, meditation can be done in groups online, you can do I really like loving kindness meditation.

[00:23:45] Amy: Because it is, it's a meditation where you activate your heart and your crown, and then you send, and you activate like a really happy, loving memory. And when you get that [00:24:00] flowing through yourself, you send it to people who need, uh, healing. So it can be, you know, you can send it to a whole country, you can send it to one specific person, or you can send it to the whole world.

[00:24:14] Amy: It's beautiful. Yeah. It is one of the most beautiful meditations, but it's something that people, by learning to meditate, and now you can learn to meditate online. You don't have to be in a group. And that is the beauty of all the distance modalities is. We don't have to be physically together anymore. I, I prefer the physical, by far, but when I think about the applications for distance work.

[00:24:48] Amy: Yeah, it makes these modalities more accessible. Yes. And even, you know, making a connection. I always I just like to highlight to people when they're looking for a practitioner that, you know, ask questions and get to know that [00:25:00] practitioner and make sure you're comfortable. And so it just opens up, you know, if there's only one practitioner for one specific modality in your community, well, it opens up a whole other world of people that you might connect with on a deeper level and a modality that maybe, you know, you haven't tried before that's really beneficial.

[00:25:19] Amy: Yeah, it's just it's it makes things really accessible and like I said earlier anyone who just can't leave the house or you know They're in the hospital or they're not mobile. Yeah, for for finding Practitioners, you know, if the person has a website look at their website look to see if there are any reviews They might have a Facebook page.

[00:25:42] Amy: There are there's a review section there as well And just ask around to other like minded people who might know something about them. And if you're on shore, reach out because often, you know, nine times out of ten, if they're a professional practitioner, they want to talk to you [00:26:00] first, you know, they want to get to know you and, and have a connection call.

[00:26:04] Amy: And so just ask the questions, you know, and, and absolutely don't be, you know, shy or feel like you should know already because these modalities, while they're not new, they're really just, you know, they're not mainstream. So ask the questions. Yeah. How often do I hear people say, I've never heard of this before.

[00:26:25] Amy: Yeah. I say, well. That's fine. You know, this is what it's all about. Doesn't mean you can't try it. Or have a look at my website, have a look at the videos on my website explaining it. Another thing is, YouTube is an amazing source. Yeah. For, for example, for healing, yeah, but for healing meditations, for example, when I get a cold or something, I'll go, Oh no, and I find you know frequencies Sound healing frequencies for head cold or meditation to [00:27:00] relieve symptoms of head cold.

[00:27:01] Amy: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I use background music from YouTube or sound healing stuff in the background all the time. It's a great resource. Really. Yeah. Yeah. So, you know, we shouldn't forget that either. And. It's also a source of information for just about any modality you can think of. So there's, there's plenty.

[00:27:25] Amy: Another modality that I do probably mostly online is soul genesis, which is, it's a modality where I kind of, Like I do a meditation kind of thing and find out all these different elements of your soul. It's like a portrait of your soul, but in words, not pictures, not painting anything. And they, so I find out your soul group and which is like a family.

[00:27:55] Amy: So soul groups have similar. Qualities and [00:28:00] similar challenges and similar focus in their lives, and you've got an eternal pattern that drives your behavior, but one of the most important things is a core wound. And when people understand what their core wound is. They kind of get triggered less because they go, wait now, hold on.

[00:28:18] Amy: So is this similar to say, like a past life regression or? No, but I do that too, but I, I'm, yeah no. And you find out what's holding the person back and what. what protections they actually have in place if they need protections, but what might be holding them back. Right down to if there's an attachment, like a spiritual attachment, say an earthbound spirit who's just but that's easily done over zoom too uh, or what, you know, by distance is what I mean.

[00:28:53] Amy: It's not just zoom. Yeah. No, I get it. Yeah. It's all very interesting. Isn't it? Yeah. [00:29:00] I I frequently, you know, will call mom, of course, and you know, when anything's going on and say, you know, can you send me some Reiki now I'm, I'm going, you know, I'm going into an exam or I'm. You know, whatever's happening.

[00:29:14] Amy: You know, just send me a little Reiki. Well, and I use it myself, you know, if I'm traveling right now. There's not one place we've stayed where I haven't sat for a minute before I go in there. I'm not going in any place without Oh, my battery is low, apparently, um, yeah. Yeah. So that I'm sure that the energy is clear before I, I go in because, uh, people leave their energy all over the place.

[00:29:44] Amy: So, and that's another thing. Yeah, anyone who's asking about and I keep going back to Reiki because that's my modality. So, you know, they ask, well, what is this energy healing? And the best way I can explain to people about the energy is like when you walk into a room and you can [00:30:00] feel the tension.

[00:30:00] Amy: Yep. Like that's the energy. That is You're actually feeling that, that's just one specific one that we're, we're conscious of that we know it's so uncomfortable. Yeah. If you start to really pay attention, you'll feel energy in different ways in other, in rooms, you know, in, around other people. You're not comfortable around a certain person.

[00:30:20] Amy: You don't like their vibe. That's the energy, you know. Or you instantly like somebody and you go, Oh my gosh, I love this person. I met somebody today and she instantly hugged me and I thought. I really like this person and you know, over the two hours where I talked to her, it didn't wane for a second. So yeah, and it's listening to our gut as far as energy is concerned too.

[00:30:50] Amy: Yeah, because I'm not the practitioner for everybody out there, I'm I'm not everybody's cup of tea, and if somebody claims they are everybody's cup of tea, [00:31:00] I don't know, I have to question it. And, you know, anybody who comes to see me, I don't think there's anybody who kind of walks away and goes, Oh my gosh, I'm not going back there anymore.

[00:31:11] Amy: But overall, there's a connection, there has to be a connection with you and a practitioner. Absolutely. So, it's that's important too, that you, you vibe together. Especially because you're dealing with and really confide in your practitioner, so it's definitely important to be open and be comfortable.

[00:31:32] Amy: And if that's, you know, you meet with someone and they're not the practitioner for you, it doesn't mean the modality's not for you. That's what I tell people, is... If this is not what you expected or not, what it doesn't seem to work for you, it, it may be just our connection. Yeah, absolutely. Seek out mod the practitioner.

[00:31:51] Amy: Yeah. Yeah. Certainly. You know, it's the same as a fitness class or anything else. You've got to have a connection with the, [00:32:00] with the person you're working with. Absolutely. Yeah. And. You know, when, for me, in my practice, it costs less to do a distance session. It's so convenient, uh, that, you know, I can make it work for anybody, anywhere, really.

[00:32:20] Amy: That's right. And yeah, it just seems more effective for me, too. So where then, Joan, like, where, we mentioned a lot, a lot of different modalities, and I'd love to be able to share with everybody listening so that they can read up or reach out and ask questions where can they do that? So. Well, you know, would you direct them to the Bowen website itself, or do you have all this information on your website, or your site, or how does that work?

[00:32:49] Amy: I've got information about every, just about everything I do. I haven't updated it recently, on my website, and there are videos, sort of, just just telling people.[00:33:00] How each of them, what each of the modalities is and how it works, but again, just Googling it. There is, there is a Bowen Australia website.

[00:33:10] Amy: There's an American Bowen Academy there's Reiki. You know, the Reiki associations all over the world, there's a Rahani website there's a Soul Genesis website, there's, yeah, I think there's a website for just about everything. Well, we'll dig those up and I'll share them at the bottom of the video and in the transcript.

[00:33:31] Amy: So anyone who's listening, if you've, you want to read more or if one of the modalities that we mentioned kind of, you know, stuck out to you, you can look that up and I'm sure Joan, you wouldn't mind anyone reaching out to you, maybe via email or through your website? Yep. Any questions? I'd love to answer any questions.

[00:33:47] Amy: Awesome. And help them, anyway. Well, it's been lovely to have you on the show. Thank you so much for joining me. I'll let you get back to your day. You look very warm there in your tank top. I'm quite cool here, which is interesting [00:34:00] given the countries we're in. It seems like it should be swapped, but. And even back home in Newfoundland, it's quite cool.

[00:34:06] Amy: But here in the Maritimes, in, I'm in Nova Scotia right now, it's Yeah. Enjoy. I was a little conflicted as to how to pack . Oh yeah. Well it gets like that when you're on that that side of the world, isn't it? So yeah, you get all, you just never know . Yeah. In one day. Alright, well thank you so much for joining.

[00:34:26] Amy: It's been wonderful to hear about, you know, distant healing and I've, I've learned about a few more modalities that now I have to give a try . So thank you for that. And we will chat soon, I hope. Okay. Thanks so much, Amy. Awesome. And thank you everyone for listening. Again, all those links will be at the bottom of the video or in the transcript and you can always reach out to myself or Joan if you have any questions.

[00:34:50] Thanks for joining me on the Holistic Health Show. If you enjoyed the episode, subscribe now and get ready to embark on an [00:35:00] incredible journey toward holistic wellness. Until next time, be well and stay holistic.

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