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Episode 21 | One Soul Many Lives: Past Life Regression Healing

Christine Maudy, a Reiki, Shamanic, and Past Life Regression Therapist & Teacher, discusses the fascinating world of past life regression and its potential to help us understand and heal our present lives. She shares her own story of becoming a past life regression practitioner after seeing one of her Reiki patients in another body and lifetime.

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Podcast Transcript

One Soul Many Lives: Past Life Regression

[00:00:00] Amy Squires: Welcome to the Holistic Health Show, where the worlds of science and spirituality converge to illuminate a path towards total well being. Join us as we embark on a journey to bridge the gap between Western medicine and complementary therapies, offering you a roadmap to embrace a proactive, holistic approach to your health.

[00:00:21] It's time to empower yourself with choices that nurture your body, mind, and soul. Welcome to a world of infinite possibilities for your optimal health.

[00:00:31] Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the Holistic Health Show. Thank you for joining me again today. Today we have Christine Maudy on the show. Christine is a Reiki and Shamik practitioner and also a past lives regression teacher and therapist. Welcome, Christine. Yes, thank you, Amy, lovely to be on your show.

[00:00:54] Thank you. I'm very happy to have you on. This is a completely new topic to me. [00:01:00] I've heard kind of little bits about it in passing, really. It's not something I have any personal experience with. So I'm pretty excited to learn everything I can from you today. Good. Fabulous. Fabulous. Yeah. Well, past life progression is is an amazing, is an amazing topic.

[00:01:18] And I actually discovered more about past life giving Reiki to, to one of my patients. And I saw him in a past life in another body. in another life. And it was really the reason for his problems. So yeah, it really triggered me to, you know, to go back to some books and things that I read in the past.

[00:01:38] And then of course, the right teacher can. It's so interesting that you mentioned that, you know, this kind of came to you while you were doing Reiki. I've been finding the more people that I'm chatting to through, you know, through the podcast and through learning the different modalities that they're also interconnected in oftentimes.

[00:01:57] that they really work well with each [00:02:00] other and one modality will often lead into another. Yeah, that's so true. That's so true. I think, you know, when we are basically in the flow, the right things just, just manifest. You know, I had a deep interest for past life long time ago. I was still living in Paris.

[00:02:17] So I've been in Australia now, 27 years. And I remember reading the first book of Brian Weiss, many, many lives, many masters. And I thought that was absolutely fascinating. And again, then, you know, this big spiritual awakening, , moving to Australia, discovering shamanism and then Reiki and you know, I think when I had this incredible experience of seeing this young man, he was, he was actually suffering from insomnia and nightmares.

[00:02:48] And it, you know, that's why he came for Reiki treatment. And he told me, it's really weird. My life is perfect. I never had any problem in my childhood. You know, everything was [00:03:00] pretty cool, pretty easy. But every night... I'm, I'm, I really am afraid to go to sleep because most of the night I see a lot of blood and horrors.

[00:03:11] I feel like, you know, I've been going through awful things. So yeah, I say, you know, we all know that Reiki is fabulous for, for insomnia and deep relaxation. So I started my treatment and immediately I saw him. I saw him wearing, you know, a uniform and knew it was the First World War and he was walking basically like a ghost, you know, really pale, very, very afraid.

[00:03:39] And he was, he was wearing, you know, a rifle on his shoulder and he was walking in this field with a lot of like a kind of fog. And then the fog, and I was really dazzled to see this image, and then the fog just lifted and there were dead bodies everywhere, you know, soldiers. So traumatic. [00:04:00] So I finished my treatment.

[00:04:01] I didn't talk to him. You know, only at the end doing the little Nentatsu, the gentle reprogramming. I just said something about letting go of the past and you know, and when I brought him back to the surface, he started to cry. He was sobbing and sobbing and sobbing. And you say, Christine, it's really strange.

[00:04:20] I saw myself wearing a uniform and I knew I was dead because my foot was near my ear. So basically I'd been, you know, blown up and yeah. And that was this memory of losing his friends, of being on this battlefield, very young, that kept coming back. He never had a nightmare after. So, you know, this past, yeah, it's manifesting in his current life, I guess, is that kind of, it's very often the case.

[00:04:56] So you see people coming for past life, you know, some just [00:05:00] by, interest, because of course we learn more about our soul, you know, and our soul journey and why we came in this present life and it's this body and choosing this family and so on. But even when they just come by you know by curiosity, they discover things about themselves and about their life that is often life changing.

[00:05:23] It can be really amazing. I remember The psychologist, she, she came, she had learned Reiki with me and she came and she said I'm really curious and eventually I want to learn hypnotherapy. So we were talking before her past life regression session and I said, you know, do you have, do you have any other questions that just being curious to explore one of your past life?

[00:05:49] And she said, yeah, there is one things really that really puzzled me is that, you know, I'm 35 I'm looking, you know, quite good. I'm quite happy [00:06:00] with myself. I have lots of men friends, but they just look at me like a good mate. No man ever approached me like a potential partner. And she said, you know, I reached a time in my life when I would love to have you know, a partner.

[00:06:18] So we started the regression and, you know, it was a past life quite interesting in the end of the 1800s. And eventually she, you know, the, the, the man she loved died. And she was not married yet and her dad wanted her to marry someone else and she didn't want to because she was really grieving her, you know, someone she felt was her soulmate.

[00:06:44] So she escaped and, you know, for a long time she was really like, you know, going from one place to another and then she found refuge in a convent. And eventually she became a nun. So she was still carrying [00:07:00] the vibration of having been a nun and having had vows of chastity. And as soon as we worked with the past life, it stopped, you know, it was really funny because we became quite good friends.

[00:07:15] She studied for quite a long time with me. And she said, you know, after a couple of weeks, I received a text message and she said, well, Christina, I'm at uni. And guess what? I've been already asked twice for coffee by a lovely guy and Saturday we are going for dinner. That's beautiful. And so many stories like this and also, you know, physical pain sometimes, you know, sometimes people have disease.

[00:07:44] Physical pain that no one can explain, but it can come from, you know, a brutal death or a death that where they were not conscious and the imprint stays in the luminous energy field. So yeah, [00:08:00] it's, it's really quite, it makes you think how conscious you have to be in your current life. You know? Of course.

[00:08:06] How it can impact you, your future, future, yeah. I just wanted to know for someone like me who has never done a session like this or sat one, what would I expect kind of walking into the room?

[00:08:19] What would, what would kind of happen? Yeah, so a session can can take up to three hours and you know, sometime a bit less, sometime a bit, a bit more. And what happens is I have a conversation with the person coming in about. The person that are important for them in this life or have been important positively or negatively and also any questions they have.

[00:08:48] So it can be, you know, I have this pen in my back that no one can explain or nightmares when I go to sleep or phobia of water. You [00:09:00] know, so many different things. And then we go in my heating room, they lay down and I use an induction with hypnosis, so it's a form of of hypnotherapy. Where the person is really relaxed when we can basically access their subconscious mind, but where they are still conscious.

[00:09:23] So, you know, it's a, even if they, they need to drink or to go to the toilets, I can easily take them. Out of the hypnosis and bring them back and then we start going backwards. So we start going first. I take them through a journey through a couple of moments in their childhood. And it's just to basically help the subconscious mind to go to the past.

[00:09:50] And then we asked to be shown a past life relevant for them today, that it's going to help them to have. A higher level of consciousness [00:10:00] and maybe heal you know, relationship or, or, or many different things and during this past life. So, depending on the level of spiritual development of the person, it can be often the first session can be like you know, like little snippet, little flashes or little pieces of a, like a play at the theater where you see different scenes, you are.

[00:10:26] You can be involved, you know, or just look at what's happening and, and and I move them from one, you know, from one moment to another one. So we move to different moments in their life. Oh, it can really become I did one not a long time ago with one of my students who needed to practice. So I say, I'm your body.

[00:10:48] And she, she gave me a past life regression and solar regression, which is the. In between, you know, in between lives and it was amazing and for me it [00:11:00] was basically like a movie. I was really in the past life.

[00:11:04] I wanted to ask, you mentioned it was like a movie. So is the person that's undergoing this treatment, your, your client, are they seeing this like a dream? Are they watching it in front of them? I mean, how is it? How is that visualized? Because they're not asleep, right? Yeah.

[00:11:19] It's really like, you know, they are not asleep. They really see it. They leave it. They know it's a past life regression. So even if they are assaulted or they die in a difficult situation they still have emotions, but they know it's not happening right now.

[00:11:37] So they don't go back through something terrible. Right. And basically it's exactly like when you give a treatment or you do meditation and and you see with your third eye. So, you know, it's really it just coming through your, through your inner eye's vision. And yeah. And you can you know, but for me, [00:12:00] the, the last few past life I did were absolutely amazing.

[00:12:03] I could smell, I could touch, yeah. I could experience, wow. I, I had relation with people. You know it, it was, it's just, it's just fabulous. So really quite amazing. And you can also, you know, not only it's a healing modality, but you learn about your soul journey. You can ask questions. You know, why I'm here today?

[00:12:24] What did I come to do? What's my purpose? And we cover gifts, you know, we cover things that like you were doing before.

[00:12:31] Yeah, I was gonna say, you know, it sounds while very beneficial for anyone going through something or needing to recover, also just the curiosity of knowing what, what was my past and how has that impacted me now?

[00:12:45] And, you know, what, I wonder, could you even. Use that information to kind of modify maybe what you're doing now to better impact or have less of a negative impact on, you know, the future lives as well. [00:13:00]

[00:13:00] Of course. Of course. It's very interesting. Of course. And also it changes, you know, your, I think it really erases fear. You know, a lot of people fear to die. Yeah. When you experience death in one or several past lives. You know, that you know, that you're not the body, you know, we keep, we keep saying in yoga and all the spiritual tradition that we are not the body. We don't have to be attached really to this life. Of course, when we die.

[00:13:32] And we die consciously. It's difficult to let, you know, to let go of all of one. Now, if they died before us, there is emotions, of course, because we love them and we are loved. But we know that a lot of people, we will have another life with them. You know, like the recent life that I had, where I was actually a black African woman.

[00:13:56] My, my daughter in the life I was [00:14:00] visiting, my youngest daughter was already my daughter. And one of my you know, the a man who taught me to use plant and help people die actually at their soul transition to the other world was my Reiki master in this life. So it's really quite interesting that, you know, you reconnect.

[00:14:20] With different people. And, and then there is this moment where you are visiting a past life. And, you know I guide people to the moment where they die. So that's where a lot of healing happened, because if there are any imprint in the physical body, you can clear them. If there are any. Unresolved relationships, you can, you know, you can bring forgiveness.

[00:14:50] Yeah, it's really quite amazing. And also you can, when you ascend and you go to the kingdom of the souls, you can ask [00:15:00] questions and you can sometimes receive amazing, you know amazing, really upgrade of your energy field because your guide is there for you, you know? And You find very often yourself with the conceal of your guides and you can ask so many questions and get, you know, really very empowering answers.

[00:15:23] It's really, it's really fabulous. So it's really an important part. That's why we do two switch match. You know, the first one is past life. And we go to the moment where we, we died. And often we go a bit in the kingdom of the soul to receive healing and so on. But I also do you know, soul regression therapy, which is basically the life between life.

[00:15:47] So where you can even stay longer in the kingdom of the souls and ask so many questions and, you know, and receive you know, really an uplifting of your vibration and all these kind of [00:16:00] things. So when you say the life between life, that's kind of between reincarnation, I suppose. Exactly. Yeah.

[00:16:08] Okay. Yeah. Between way of transmission. I wanted to just ask and you, you touched on it briefly, but when, when going back and seeing these traumatic events, you mentioned that the person is aware that's not happening now. Yes. So is, so they're essentially not reliving that. But does that sometimes really bring up I don't know, could it, could it cause some PTSD seeing this happening to yourself in another life?

[00:16:34] Or could it, or is it just that you're so aware? Yeah, it, it can really cause some strong Emotional reaction. You know, especially when people have been killed or kill someone or, you know, lost someone really important. But, you know, I'm here as a guide. So I'm here to move them a bit, you know, after and just get.[00:17:00]

[00:17:00] The lesson of this image that, you know, so yeah, you're not doing this alone, you know, and you need to work with someone who is experienced, of course, but you, you don't go, you know, and it has happened many times that I had moved people past. You know, the moment of their death or, you know, past. I remember I had this image of a one of my clients who actually saw, you know, the entire village being burned, including her family, her husband and her two children.

[00:17:34] So yeah, that was pretty traumatic. And just. Learning, you know, bringing back to the conscious mind was, was she was really crying and but you know, that it was okay and I moved her a bit after, and then we could see the parallel between her life Mm. And the past life. So she, she was actually married with children.

[00:17:57] She didn't want to engage. She [00:18:00] didn't want to love too much, so she was always, you know, escaping and it really changed her life because she was fearing that she will have this pain again. Yeah, and I suppose, you know, while very traumatic, that's the event that's impacting life now. So, you know, addressing it, going through that again is, is really important to, to move forward.

[00:18:24] And it's like, yeah, it's really life changing. So, so many people tell me after a session, you know, absolutely life changing. And I know for myself of, you know, having been the one the one being you know, having the journey, how. It really brings a deep level of peace

[00:18:43] yeah. I just can't help but wonder, you know, even if you don't feel as though you have a particular illness or you're aware of you know, Something that you need addressing. Just participating in this event, you know, might bring up I'm just thinking in the way of, [00:19:00] if you're having, if you're suffering imposter syndrome, or you're really worried about, you know, you have a lack of confidence in something that even experiencing a past life regression like this could find out, you know, well, this is actually something that's happened before and here's, you know, what you need to work through to kind of move past that.

[00:19:18] Yeah, yeah. You're touching something very important because a lot of people who had, you know, abuse, for example sometimes we, we produce it because they, you know, they didn't solve the problem in the past life. So it starts again. And, you know, people who are very unhappy, who had a lot of health problem, never took Their power.

[00:19:42] They come back to solve the same problem. So yeah, it's really quite fascinating that at one stage, you know, they feel that something needs to change and they are guided, you know, to, to do a past life. And after trying many, many things and it just [00:20:00] pinpoint exactly the problem and it's, and it's gone.

[00:20:04] So yeah, so many, so many. Yeah. So many stories, you know, many, many stories, many stories. Yeah. Yeah. I think we could probably sit here all day and just talk about the results that you would have seen. It must just be remarkable to, to actually, there is a fascinating book for, you know, you and your listeners written by Brian Weiss.

[00:20:28] That's a book he did actually with his daughter, because Brian vice discovered past life by, you know, almost by mistake without really willing. He was a psychiatrist and he was that's the story of his first book. And he was working with A patient who had many phobias, many fears of so many things and the traditional way was working as a psychiatrist was not working.

[00:20:57] So one day I said, you know, [00:21:00] next time you come, I'm going to try hypnotherapy. Is that okay with you? And she said, yes. You know, she, she had a few of phobia of water. She, you know, so many agoraphobia, so many problems. She was basically handicapped, you know. And she came and he started hypnotherapy and immediately she described past life and he was really surprised.

[00:21:25] So he didn't really know what to do. Yeah,

[00:21:30] that would have been something to experience. And the second stage then she went in another past life, but this time, because he had the time to think about, he decided to guide us with different moments and especially to guide us. Yeah. guide her to the moment of her death. And it basically explained one of the phobia.

[00:21:51] And the phobia when she came back was not good, you know? So he kept, he said, okay, I'm really interested. There is something I want to [00:22:00] learn. So he asked her, you know, are you willing to, you know, for, to keep going? Until it stopped. And for me to really record all this. And she said, yes. So that's how his first book was created.

[00:22:13] Many, many lives, many masters. And then he actually changed career. So from a psychiatrist, he became a past life regression therapist and then teachers. And the book you wrote after with his daughter, we became a past life regression therapist as well. was called Miracles Happen. So in this book, they describe all the healing benefit of many, many, many of their cases.

[00:22:45] Yeah, I've written them down. I'll check those out. Yeah, you'll love it. It's fascinating. So there are many people that are very, you know, famous and brought so much light on past life. Like Dolores Cannon, you know, so many [00:23:00] people. And yeah, Newton. Lots of books to read and lots of things to learn. But yeah, it's really It really changes everything knowing that, you know, that your soul has already experienced different life.

[00:23:15] You know, sometime I do a past life and to a woman and she's, she's a man in the past life because you're not always, you know, the same sex, the same color of skin or whatever.

[00:23:33] Maybe this is really out there, but has anybody ever not been a human? I mean, could you have been an animal? Or do we stay kind of within the same species? I've never had anyone become, you know, being an animal, but I had people coming from other planets, from other dimensions. Oh, wow. Yeah. Yeah. Which we know if you, if you you know, read a lot about what's happening in the world, there are a [00:24:00] lot of, you know, a different you know, different people in the earth and a lot of them came to help and they, they are coming from other dimension, you know?

[00:24:09] So you have, you know, people from Lemuria from different, you know, different planet and stars that are living there at the moment. So yeah, I got I got A couple of time I had people who described, you know, that they were not, they were not from the earth and they described their life and that was quite interesting as well.

[00:24:28] Very, very interesting. Wow. Yeah. Probably very surprising as well to anyone who's kind of not already in that sort of field. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, you know, not in that world already. It must be really surprising. I can't imagine being that man having never heard of past life regression and then suddenly finding himself experiencing this with, with the client that is.

[00:24:49] So interestingly, I mean that very often these people who Don't really belong to the earth and now, you know, brought here they always [00:25:00] felt that they were not fitting. They were different. So it's, it's a good relief for them to know that, you know, and they feel very often a longing of being able to go back.

[00:25:14] So knowing I'm just having, she does, that's something to connect with, knowing that Yeah. Yeah. You know, it'll happen. It's such a relief for them because some of them, you know, some of them are still connected. They, they receive telepathic methods and they know, you know, but some, especially the youngest ones sometime are not yet awakened to that.

[00:25:36] And they feel, you know, they feel what I'm doing here. What I'm doing here, they feel completely different. They don't they don't fit in anything. So yes, it's really quite quite interesting.

[00:25:46] Amy Squires: Christine, thanks for sharing all of that. It certainly must be a relief for anybody who's really just unsure or feeling a bit ill fit in the world. So quite a relief I guess to anyone listening who, who may feel that way or [00:26:00] to those that you have already encountered. That's, it's very interesting to hear that.

[00:26:04] Amy Squires: And I hope that anybody who does certainly feel that way watches and, you know, reaches out and kind of explores that path. On that note, Christine, you, you do teach past life regression courses. So I guess I'd like to know a little bit more about what's involved in a course, you know, the length and what one could expect if they wanted to sign up.

[00:26:24] Christine Maudy: Yes. Well you know, I think for all the people who are. Already practitioners like you and me, you know, Reiki masters or other, other practitioners it's a very, if they are, have a passion, if they have an interest in knowing more about the soul and supporting their clients to know a bit more about themselves or sometimes to heal some unresolved issues, learning, becoming a past life practitioner is, is fascinating.

[00:26:54] Christine Maudy: So what's involved it's a six days course that [00:27:00] involves two days online with a lot of you know, a lot of materials, a lot of videos and examples, all the, all the, you know, really all the texts about it, about past life regression and learning how to Guide an induction with hypnotherapy, which is deep enough for, you know, for people to really go into this deeper part of their subconscious where they can access all these past lives.

[00:27:28] Christine Maudy: And then they are for there's life of training where people work with me. And it's really hands on practice. So it's practicing the hypnotherapy induction. It's practicing as a practitioner and also as a client having a past life regression and guiding a past life regression. And then the last two days is about soul regression, which is really the, the life in between lives.

[00:27:57] Christine Maudy: So exploring deeper [00:28:00] what happens when we are in the kingdom of the souls. And then there is really a constant support, which means that either me or Lorna and John Jackson, who have, you know, are my teachers and I work with them closely. And so any questions, help people to start their practice and to have an accredited diplomat.

[00:28:25] Christine Maudy: They need to send me back three full, you know, past life regression therapy and and soul regression therapy that they have been doing on different people. So yeah, it's a very complete process. That's what I did in 2013 . And you know, and actually I started, I I was so fascinated I against so much of the.

[00:28:50] Christine Maudy: Of the course with Lorna and John that yeah, as soon as I did my my 2014. So yeah I young, you know, if people are fascinated by that, [00:29:00] I really encourage them to, you know, to, to move forward because it's a very high in demand really therapy. Lots of people feel a cold, you know, when they are already. On the past, so if they encounter some problem that are difficult to resolve, they are looking for past life and and it's good to be able to support our clients and to, you know, to sometime uncover what, you know, what the problem, the issue was.

[00:29:29] Amy Squires: It's holding you back. So with the two days online, is that self taught? Is that, or is it kind of online

[00:29:37] Christine Maudy: live? Yeah, well, it's no, you have a lot of, a lot of videos and, and questionnaires and quiz People can do it at their own, you know, at their own, in their own time. So you don't have to, you know, to follow a group or whatever.

[00:29:53] Christine Maudy: It's really your individual work. So, you know, because some people are like you and me working working full [00:30:00] time and they will do a couple of hours at night, which is. you know, very often what they do or they will immerse themselves to full days. And yeah, and then when they are ready, so I teach basically the, the, the four days live every couple of months, so they can join one of these one of these course and,

[00:30:22] Amy Squires: And retreat style.

[00:30:24] Amy Squires: Is that

[00:30:25] Christine Maudy: Yeah, well, they come. Yeah, I have people like I'm teaching at the end of August and I have people coming from from different parts and they some of them actually will stay at my place because I am lucky to have a big house and sometimes to host retreats. And so I have, you know, I have different accommodation bedrooms available.

[00:30:47] Christine Maudy: So, yeah, it's really, it can be a deep immersion, but I have also local people. will come for the day and just go back home, come the next day. So again, it's really, you [00:31:00] know, it really helps for everyone to find their own path. Yeah.

[00:31:06] Amy Squires: Yeah. Excellent. And so if anybody wanted to, you know, take you up on this offer of your retreats or sorry, you know, your courses or even just learn more, take a deeper dive into past life progression, how could they do that?

[00:31:20] Amy Squires: So

[00:31:20] Christine Maudy: they can contact me. They can visit my website and send me a message. So the website is livinginspired. com. au. And yeah, and then we, we go from there. So I work from the Sunshine Coast. But you know, they are, my teachers are working from the, from the Gold Coast. You have people doing the same the same kind of work a bit everywhere.

[00:31:46] Christine Maudy: For the courses, we are not that many to do it, the live training. So there are people doing it in Singapore, in other parts of the world. But you know, as I said I host people coming a bit from from everywhere. So, and I [00:32:00] can, you know, if people are looking for something special, I can I can help them.

[00:32:05] Amy Squires: Well, what I'm going to do is I'm going to link your website. So below our video, when it's posted, there'll be all the transcripts. So I'll place link there for anybody who wants to take a look and take a deeper dive. And I think that's it. I think, you know, we've covered all that we can cover, you know, to kind of get the basics and really understand past life regression.

[00:32:24] Amy Squires: I'm certainly interested. I think I've, I've learned a lot this episode and I'm definitely keen to Have a go. I think, I think you'll find me at some point.

[00:32:34] Christine Maudy: It's really fascinating. It's fascinating. And, and myself, you know, when I have a chance to be the client I take it because you never know what's, what to expect.

[00:32:45] Christine Maudy: And it's always. Fascinating. So yeah, it's, it's fabulous. You know, I had past lives in in ancient Egypt and I gave my name and the name of the people around me and the name of the place. And then I just went, I just went to, you [00:33:00] know, to Google and started to ask questions and I was, Oh my God, you know?

[00:33:04] Christine Maudy: So yeah, it's, it's mind blowing. It's really but It's it's not, you know, it's really gives you something. So for me, it was bringing back the awareness that the work I'm doing, I did it before. Also soul family, you know, soul mates that are so important. Yeah. I could add also that from time to times I do.

[00:33:27] Christine Maudy: Online and, you know, in person group past life regression. So it's a bit, it's a bit shorter and it's nothing like, like a one on one session, which can last three hours. It's more around 45 minutes, one hour. But it can be you know, a good, a good first experience. And I did it recently at at the conscious life wellness day.

[00:33:53] Christine Maudy: And I had a group of around 25, 30 people and, and, you know, it, it was really quite, [00:34:00] the feedback was fabulous. I still have people writing to me. It was just one month ago telling me, ah, I saw this and, you know, and, and I would like to know more. So, yeah. It can be a good way to have a, have a try. Yeah.

[00:34:14] Amy Squires: Yeah, definitely. And just to clarify, that one that you do, kind of the online little taster, that's the actual participating in the past life progression. To do the course to teach, you would have to do the full. Kind of two days online and four days. Yes.

[00:34:30] Christine Maudy: Yes. Yeah. It's very different. It's more for people who would like to do a session three hour session individual, but it's just, you know, it's just a, a tester of feeling the induction and visiting, having a, you know, really a glimpse of what it is to go through a past life and maybe connect with, with a soul which is, you know, questions that come back very often.

[00:34:56] Christine Maudy: Yeah. People ask how many times I've been with my [00:35:00] wife or with my husband or with this yeah, man who, you know, left me in this life. Yeah. It's, it's fascinating. Lots to learn. Well,

[00:35:09] Amy Squires: thank you very much, Christine. Yeah. It's been a pleasure to have you on today. There's lots to learn. Lots to learn, lots to think about, and like I said, I'll put all the links at the bottom for everyone who'd like to learn more and they can reach out.

[00:35:23] Christine Maudy: Beautiful. Lovely to talk to you and share, you know, my passion for past life, Amy. Thank you.

[00:35:29] Amy Squires: Thank you, Christine.




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