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Episode 10 | The Sacral Chakra - Igniting Creativity and Emotional Balance

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation as we delve into the mystical realm of the Sacral Chakra!

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Podcast Transcript

Episode 10: Sacral Chakra - Igniting Creativity and Emotional Balance

[00:00:00] Hello, welcome back. It is the second portion of our chakra series. We are focusing today on the sacral chakra. I hope everything went well for all of you when applying the techniques for the root chakra over the last two weeks. I've really enjoyed hearing all about the techniques that you've all chosen to employ.

[00:00:25] And seeing how imbalanced or balanced your chakra was and, you know, how that resonated with you, how you felt like that connected in your life, how you felt like that was a true reflection of just how things are going for you right now and how you're feeling. So here we are,, we're on to the sacral chakra.

[00:00:46] We want to ignite creativity and emotional balance in our lives. So this chakra,

[00:00:52] the sacral chakra, it's associated, like I said, with creativity. It's associated with emotions and sensuality. [00:01:00] And we're going to explore ways to unlock and nurture our creative energy and achieve emotional equilibrium through balancing our sacral chakra. The sacral chakra, it's located in the lower abdomen.

[00:01:14] It's about two inches below your navel. It's typically orange. It represents creativity, passion, and vitality. The symbol of the sacral chakra is often depicted as a lotus flower with six petals as opposed to the four in the root chakra. This represents qualities such as sensuality, pleasure, and emotional well being.

[00:01:38] It's associated with creativity in two terms. In terms of artistic expression and problem solving abilities. It is the center of our emotional well being. It helps us navigate and process our feelings, and it plays a vital role in our sexuality and the ability to experience pleasure [00:02:00] and intimacy.

[00:02:01] So what are some signs of imbalance, and how do they impact your health? As with all the chakras. Imbalance can manifest in various ways. In the sacral chakra, you may be experiencing a lack of creativity or inspiration. You're feeling stuck or you're feeling unfulfilled in artistic pursuits. You're probably experiencing mood swings, having difficulty managing your emotions, right?

[00:02:28] So emotional instability. Maybe you're experiencing low libido or an unhealthy relationship with your sexuality. Perhaps you have repressed emotions, a fear of intimacy, or excessive attachment to pleasure seeking. So as you can imagine, this can all have a really significant impact on your overall well being.

[00:02:50] You're having creative blocks. You're emotionally unstable. Experiencing intimacy problems, you have a lack of vitality, [00:03:00] what do we do about it? So similar to two weeks ago, when we discussed the root chakra, we're going to discuss seven or eight different ways that you can balance and energize your sacral chakra.

[00:03:13] Again, you're not going to choose all of these. You want to choose the one that most resonates with you. Choose a couple, two or three. Here they are. First, creative expression. So engage in some really creative activities that inspire you, that you enjoy doing. If you love painting, writing, dancing, or playing an instrument, you don't even have to be doing any of these things particularly well.

[00:03:37] Just do them. Do them because you enjoy them. Allow yourself to express your emotions and explore your creativity. Do it freely. You don't have to show anyone. You don't have to do it with anyone. Dance alone in the kitchen, you know. I don't know what instrument you might play and my mind goes back to the recorder.

[00:03:58] You might want to do that when no one's [00:04:00] home, but you know, play the piano, get out your drum kit

[00:04:04] whatever it is, be creative. For emotional healing, practice emotional awareness. So really be engaged with your emotions. Allow yourself to feel them, process them, and do it without judgment. How can you do some of these things? All right, if this is not something you're familiar with, it can seem overwhelming or daunting.

[00:04:26] Take it slow, buy a journal, and practice journaling. Write in it every day. It doesn't matter what you write. You can, you know, I'm thinking back to when I was younger, Dear Diary, right? We were writing to, I was writing to my journal. Just telling it all about my day. Start there. You can engage in practices such as therapy or energy healing modalities that will release emotional blockages.

[00:04:52] Whatever it is, be aware of your emotions and allow yourself to feel them. Begin that [00:05:00] process of experiencing and living with your emotions without judgment. Sensuality and self care. You're going to explore activities that awaken your senses and enhance your self care routine. You can practice self massage.

[00:05:17] You can use essential oils. You know, either diffusing them in your home, or applying them topically while you're practicing self massage. You can enjoy a warm bath, with or without the essential oils. Do things that make you feel really good, and are centered around self care. Practice guided meditations, specifically focusing on the sacral chakra.

[00:05:43] Again, you can apply visualizations while meditating. You can visualize a warm orange glow in the area below your navel. Allow it to flow freely and energize the chakra. Movement and dance. So [00:06:00] again, dancing. This is also great for the root chakra. Engage in activities like yoga, belly dancing, just move, dance around the house and be silly.

[00:06:11] It's going to activate and harmonize your sacral chakra. Allow your body to move freely and express yourself. Crystals. Again, This is a really good one to apply if you're feeling overwhelmed and busy and you can't possibly add another task to your week, right? We're working on that. We're getting in the habit of applying some of these techniques so that they become natural, second nature.

[00:06:41] But if you need a little help getting started, buy some Moonstone or Orange Calcite. All right, you place them on your lower abdomen or you carry them with you, put them in your pocket, hold them in your hand. This is going to support your sacral chakra healing. Now, this might sound obvious, but a [00:07:00] balanced lifestyle, all right, adopting a balanced approach to pleasure, emotions.

[00:07:06] and sexuality. This means practicing healthy boundaries. This means having self respect and nurturing relationships that honor your emotional well being and sexual expression. Now, again, last week, I mentioned my good friend, Maya, who had posted some, it's over on her Instagram page. So she developed a delicious chakra soup.

[00:07:34] There's seven recipes and they're each designated or they're each aligned with the seven chakras. So I'll post that link in the comments again to the recipe for the sacral chakra soup. So really reflect on these techniques, all right? You may need to go back and listen again, but if any really stood out for you or really resonated with you, do those.

[00:07:59] You don't have to do anything you [00:08:00] don't like. You don't have to force yourself. This should be fun and free and creative. Some of them might be tricky, you know, some of the emotional awareness techniques, really allowing yourself to feel and process emotions, that can be tough. And you may need some assistance with that, such as therapy.

[00:08:17] You know, talk to a friend that you can confide in and you trust. But, have fun with the techniques when you can and where you can., so you're going to incorporate these into your daily life, and you want to cultivate a balanced and energized sacral chakra. This is going to allow for enhanced creativity, emotional well being, and a healthy relationship with your sensuality and sexuality. . So as you did last week, post in the comments, let me know what techniques you're going to practice over the next two weeks. Okay. If you haven't already, I'd love to hear how you went over the previous two weeks with the root chakra [00:09:00] and again, just stay in touch.

[00:09:01] We're all doing this together. So let's support each other. Let's encourage each other. And I wish you. All the luck and enjoy the next two weeks and we'll see you back here when we discuss the solar plexus chakra. Bye for now.

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