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Summer Love

This summer, it is all about LOVE.

We all hear it, New Year, New Me.

Why though? Do we need to change so much that we need a NEW me?

I like to set goals, I like to better myself. I like to learn (try) new things and pick up new skills and hobbies. That said, I like me. No, I LOVE me!

I love my body, even after the holidays where I managed to eat enough chocolate for 3 of me! I love my mind, even on mornings when it tells me to stay in bed, all while I know I really should start my day! I love my energy even on those same mornings when I want to stay in bed longer! I love the bodies, minds and energies of every living thing around me!

Stay tuned for Summer Love blog posts on loving your body, mind and ki, and don't forget to check out the SummerLove discount on all services from now until 28th Feb 2019

Chance to win: Send me a photo of you along with a few sentences on why you love yourself and enter to win!

New Year, New Goals!

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