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Love Your Body - Feet!

Updated: Jan 19, 2022


Welcome to post numero uno of SummerLove. I encourage you to read, comment and ask questions. The goal here is to remind ourselves and make a habit of paying attention to and loving our bodies, minds and energies.

Here we go, beautiful people!

I was nearing the end of a distance Reiki session yesterday, when the feet of my client seemed to desperately cry for help. I could almost hear them moaning, 'we are tired!"

In this moment, I felt my own feet agree, "Look at us, show us some love!"

Do you give your feet the attention they need (and deserve!)? I don't. As most of us do, I neglect my feet. I spend countless hours on my feet; at work, running, playing, cooking, etc. I spend some hours tending to physical body; doing yoga, going to the gym, even using my tired, neglected feet to get myself to hair appointments or standing in the shower. All of those activities involve use of my feet but never do I make time to care for them!

I don't tend to like feet (that is going to change, starting now!) but I'll paint this picture for you anyway.

My husband, so lovingly (I hope), nicknamed my feet. Huckleberry Finn Feet he calls them. Now, my feet have never taken me fishing, hunting or trapping, as did Huckleberry himself, but they often do appear as though they could use some love, maybe a good, hot soak! Likely, because you would be hard pressed to find me wearing any form of appropriate footwear, if anything at all (the joys of living in a warm climate!). I love feeling the grass under my feet, the mud between my toes! It keeps me connected and grounded. The benefits of being barefoot are astounding! True, one must be careful when walking barefoot and please, do so with great caution!

My feet keep me moving, balanced. They have gotten me across finish lines and to breathtaking views at mountain peaks. They keep me dancing and on the rare occasion they tolerate the uncomfortable and squishy nature of heels.

They ache, they cramp and despite that, they keep on keeping on.

It's time I learn to love my feet and so should you!

Today, not tomorrow, I'm treating my feet to some foot yoga and Reiki.

Thank your feet. Love your feet. They deserve it!

Not sure where to find foot yoga? I enjoy doing yoga in the comfort of my own home. This also allows me to work around my own schedule. I frequent yoga class on a YouTube channel named: Yoga with Adrienne. Do a search with her name and 'foot yoga.' If you do find another instructor you like, who also offers foot yoga videos and you enjoyed it, please, let me know!

Stay tuned for: Love your feet - the benefits of Earthing (Grounding)!

Comment below with tips on how you care for your feet or give foot yoga a shot and let me know your experience!

Want to grab a freebie? Here is a link to my Chakra Guide!

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